Each profession has its own appropriate outfit: the doctor in a white coat, the soldier in uniform, the mason in a work uniform. In short, it is not so much to recognize them as for the practical and functional aspect that an outfit is associated with a profession.


For each leisure activity, there are also outfits that are essential for practice: a diver's outfit will not be the same as that of a jogger and a swimmer's will surely be different from that of a skier.


In fitness too there are some outfits that are suitable and others that are less suitable. Indeed, the movements performed at the gym can be quite varied and of very different amplitude. So you will need a fabric that can adapt. Inelastic fabric trainings can often crack if you make a good squat or at least bother you.


The season in which you train will also play a role: in summer, you will probably sweat a little more, so the outfit should be light but not too much either so as not to risk a cooling. In winter, however, it is advisable to start your training with an extra layer, to remove it if you are too hot, but also to wear it again at the end of your session to also avoid getting cold.


If you lack motivation, buying a new outfit can give it a new boost and revitalize your goals and enthusiasm. You will feel as if you have the look of others on your new image for at least a few days. Just enough time to get motivated and forget a bad time.


If you do cardio, here too your outfit must be adapted according to the type of cardio you choose. If you run outside, a good legging to warm your legs is essential, especially in winter. Shoes adapted to your foot are also a very important point not to be neglected. In summer, be careful to use a piece of plaster on the chest to avoid irritation. If you prefer spinning, invest in cycling shorts with "chamois leather", it will also help you avoid painful sensations.


For maximum comfort and performance, you will therefore have to adapt your outfit to your training and environment. Don't go to excessive lengths either, you are not going to a fashion show. The goal is to improve your training, not to show off. If your goal is to attract the most attention from specimens of the other sex, then you don't even have to try to learn how to train better. If, on the other hand, it's the little change that will break your routine, why not? At QNT, you also have a range of T-shirts, constantly renewed, which can eventually brighten up your next training session!

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