Most practitioners in theaters often forget to see a long-term goal. They come to the room to lose weight, to gain muscle, to dry or to be at the top for the holidays. Many forget to set long-term goals. I explain: What is the use of losing weight by taking a subscription in a room if it is to resume it when the activities stop?

What use is it to take mass if it is to stress his joints unnecessarily, have to stop and lose everything that has cost so much effort? What is the use of spending three hours in the room, wandering between the machines, chatting with his friends and not even taking the time to stretch? How many times did I not see customers leave after 2 pm "drive-walk" answer me when I asked if they had stretched: "I do not have time today! And of course, the next time either.

All these behaviors indicate a total lack of organization and a lack of responsibility for the expected results. I hear what they think: "I come to the room, I pay my subscription, it's already bad" It is as if they wanted to be clear conscience! No ! That is not how you reach a goal! The bare minimum is not a good way to reach your goal. You have to put all the trumps on your side. If on the other hand you do not do it, know that sooner or later your doctor will tell you what you need to do to repair this lack of responsibility. Do not wait for it! Make yourself what it takes to stay in good shape for as long as possible.

Let us see then what happens in our muscles and tendons when we stretch them: First of all let's compare a stretched muscle with an elastic. To break it, you really have to pull it very very strong. On the other hand, let's compare an unstretched muscle to a stiffer substance, or a string of the same caliber. At a given moment, the force exerted on the two materials will break the cord, while the elastic will remain intact and resume its original shape. It's a bit of a caricature of what's going on in our muscles, but it's pretty close to reality.

Numerous studies have been carried out concerning the stretches: passive-active, static-dynamic, stretching-relaxation. There are several methods, but all studies agree on one point: stretching is beneficial. It is not the purpose of this article to compare all the different ways of flexing exhaustively, but it can be fair to say that each sport or each training corresponds a particular method of stretching. The best thing is to trust your coach.

I just want to tell the pushers that they stop to see only their "perfs" at the bench! Sooner or later they will be stopped in their impetus by an injury if they do not take the time to stretch, to pamper their muscles and tendons. Especially since several studies have shown that a supple muscle was stronger, more resistant and therefore more capable of performing.

On the other hand, one of the principles of bodybuilding is to create micro-traumas in the muscle to hope that the body rebuilds this muscle stronger and more able to withstand the effort required. Post-training muscle stretching can therefore "aggravate" these micro-traumas and give yet another dimension to your workout. More benefits for the same session, it is not negligible.

Also should not forget the food. A body to which exceptional performance is demanded, must be fed accordingly. It must work in the best way possible. He must have everything he needs in vitamins and minerals, in supplements to be at the top!

Someone who takes the habit of growing heavy must also know that the joints are in and therefore need to be protected. For years, it was thought that a joint injury was irremediable. At present, the beneficial effects of products such as glucosamine or chondroitin are known. It is known that the micro-traumas caused by training can be slowly repaired thanks to their action.

In conclusion, the best advice I can give you is to take your body and your health seriously. Feel free to take some time to stretch, feed your joints with supplements suited to their protection such as glucosamine. Respecting your body will remain the best way to last in the sport and stay as long as possible in good health.

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