Currently, low-cost fitness centres bring many people to practice fitness and bodybuilding. But without instructions, it is difficult to progress without getting hurt or difficult to progress briefly. This is why many practitioners improvise to be "coach".

I always knew in all the gyms I’ve been, the guy, who is accustomed to the gyms, it seems sometimes that there is the elected one and he is part of the furniture. He always has an opinion on everything and will explain how to work. Advices? He has to resell ... and sometimes, not very good ... everything he has one day read or heard on the body, he will show it to you. But if the monitor of the room gave you a program or a diet, put that in a corner of your head and don’t hesitate to talk to him.

He knows you, and if he is a good coach, he has given you a program suited to your situation and your goals! Do not forget in bodybuilding, what suits others will not suit you specifically and may not have the same effect. It is important to set long-term, but also short-term goals. It is also important to have a program and a diet that are appropriate.

But in any case, the Body is like fishing: you will always find the one who will boast of having caught a fish of one meter and 100 kg, and in the gyms, he is the one who lifted 300 kg and who has seen everything and done everything. He will impress you by his words but certainly not by his actions. So please, relativize. Only see facts, it is not boasting that gives results but with patience and sacrifices.

Where to find a good coach? Very few of them are located on the streets. In general, word of mouth works best. Do not forget that those who switch to mass industrial coaching cannot follow you personally. I think that to do a good job, we must know how to limit the number of follow-up.

A good coach does not promise you the moon either. You have plenty of methods available to you in books, on television or on the internet that promise you miracles. I stop you right away, THERE ARE NO MIRACLES!! There are just will, perseverance and regularity. These methods have stunned us for years on TV: "Lose weight easily with the XY product" What is the real problem? The weight? No. The problem is that we want to be pretty in the mirror. And it's not just the weight, it's the silhouette. People who want you to lose just weight, do not care about your figure. And even if the two can be related, it is not directly. Your weight depends mostly on your bones and muscles that which weight much more than your fat. And even if your balance can be a part of measuring tools of your progress, it is not the main tool. The best tool to see if you lost fat is the clamp. It is seen at several places in your body if your local fat decreases.

Very often, too, the internet coach puts his opinion in all areas. With him, since the information is available to everyone, I often get asked about a particular product. I remember then my beginnings in body building, where we talked about creatine, and where each month we received, in the muscle world or in muscle and fitness, reports of studies made on the subject: I have read everything on it. How it worked, how it did not work, how good it was, how bad it was, but over the years, studies showed more and more the effectiveness of creatine. So now everyone agrees that creatine works.

It's the same thing with everything. Wait a few years to be sure that there have been enough studies on the subject in order to not to spend your money for nothing. Or maybe be among the pioneers without being sure of the result or by believing enough that to have a guaranteed placebo effect! In short, on the Internet you will find everything and anything. Good and false.

How not to be wrong then?

I think that a good coach thinks to make you evolve by worrying about your health, even if you want to put your health at risk, he must be able to tell you no. Warn you about the consequences of a wrong move. He tells you the truth too. If you do not have the genetics to be Mr or Miss Olympia, he also must not promise you miracles. Sometimes, on the pretext that I have prepared some champions, people come to me to get ready and I feel that if after 1 month they did not take 10 kg of "Muscles miracle" there is a certain disappointment and this even if they were warned by me at the beginning. One obtains nothing without perseverance.

Do not forget that, while you go out with your buddies, the champions recover or train, Progress is their number one goal. They focus all their energy in one point. Even if they are pointed at because they think they have blinders, they do not care and accept their difference. They are often considered as asocial but they are willing to pay the price they need to reach their goal. At a family meal, they come with their food and you? Do not think of being a champion one day if you do not pay the same price as them! On the other hand, nothing prevents you to improve and to advance on the road of progress. You will always go further than if you had done nothing at all.

Basically, if after a preparation with a coach, you learned something about yourself, I think it was worth it. Otherwise... Change !!!

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