In a sport such as fitness or bodybuilding, it is not uncommon to feel a drop in motivation. There is no direct goal, no points to score, so everything is about the feeling. We can often see adherents miss one or two weeks of training, but sometimes up to a year or two. The routine of such a sport does not help things. It is the repetition of the sessions that makes the result. So what if you lose all motivation to go to the gym?

Sometimes, finding a simple and external motivation can fix a small failure: buying a new outfit that you like will sometimes allow you to come back motivated to the training.

Another way to get your motivation back during training is to change the program: From the time you make the same type of program, change will give you a boost because you go forward again for a few weeks. It is also strongly advised to change regularly in order to avoid muscular habit. If you're short of imagination, try the many programs found in magazines or find a coach who knows enough to point you in the right direction. In the same vein, you can try a maximum of reps in certain exercises such as squat or bench press ... or even a maximum of reps with a given weight.

You can also find a partner who will give you the impulse you need: a good partner must be more or less of the same strength, so it will be a challenge for everyone to overcome the other. On the other hand, working with a stronger partner may teach you a lot. But in any case, when one is less motivated, the other can reboost him and vice versa.

A simple way to revive your training is to take note of what you do on a sheet or a training book, with exercises, number of sets, reps and personal impressions. In the long run you will build a panel of exercises, performance and printing that will allow you to build programs better suited to your personality.

Setting short-term goals can easily boost motivation. You can reward yourself when a goal is reached: 5 days of intense training and you go to a nice restaurant. Just an idea.

Getting prepared will also help you regain motivation: If you have a good coach, he will find a way to motivate you, give you a suitable diet, keep you at your best form but especially to ensure that you progress.

You can also test a new product you have never tried: Creatine, NO+ Elite, AAKG, Stack Force. These are all QNT products that can give you assistance in training in two ways: the efficient part of the product itself first, and then, if you invest in your shape with the purchase of products, you will not want to have spent this money for nothing. It can also be a source of encouragement.

Setting longer-term goals can also help you cope with the routine because you will not be just looking at your daily workout anymore, but rather the reason you're doing it. For example: setting a goal such as 100 kg on bench press is something motivating or reaching 20 pull-ups. These are medium-term goals and long term that can help you if you’re beginning. If you are not a beginner, set a big challenge for yourself, like prepare for a competition: you will be in your underwear on the stage in front of everyone, it may motivate you to work properly and thoroughly as you will not want to feel ridiculous.

Of course, motivation comes and goes. If you've been working out for a few years, you know it’s not constant and it comes back as suddenly as it left. With a little patience, it can also bring it back. These were some ways to motivate you. Which one is right for you? No one knows, but if you test them all, you will find the answer to that question.

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