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To help you build the body of your dreams, this gentle comeback pack brings together the essentials of sports nutrition.

  • Supports your progress
  • Meets the specific needs of your body
  • Boosts your vitality with a balanced vitamins / minerals cocktail
  • Excellent quality/price value

A more athletic shape, visible abs, strong and shapely arms, these are your goals!

This pack is just as suitable for you Ladies as it is for you Gentlemen.

This pack contains the best of sports supplements, and each of the products will help you build the body you have always dreamed of.

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Light Digest Whey Protein 500g
Belgian Waffles Protein 480g
Tax included
REF: AC00004

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The LIGHT DIGEST WHEY PROTEIN is a brand new generation of protein formulated for all types of athletes (beginners or advanced) and for active people. Thanks to this, it will help you to significantly improve your sports performance, whatever sport you are engaged in. Furthermore, the whey protein helps to maintain muscle tone and build muscle mass* . The LIGHT DIGEST WHEY PROTEIN will also allow you to recover better after your training sessions, whether you do bodybuilding or any other sport, and helps with weight loss if incorporated into your current diet regimen.
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Less than 80 kcal per serving
  • Low sugar & high in fibers
Get in perfect shape, regain your full vitality and counter the deficiencies caused by the lack of nutrients of the modern diet thanks to DAILY VITAMINS, a complex of vitamins and minerals in high concentration (more than 100% of the nutritional reference values). DAILY VITAMINS is a very useful supplement for any athlete or active person looking for the proper level of nutrients to live every moment of the day to its fullest.
  • Helps to recover form & vitality
  • Helps fight against deficiencies after a diet
  • Helps increase recuperation
Sometimes during the day you are hungry and you want a snack, but you look for a good tasting treat that won't ruin your hard earned shape. QNT PEANUT TIME is the right snack for you! This is a delicious protein bar, loaded with peanuts, that can fuel your muscles with 34% of high quality protein and just 2.4 g of sugar. That's an incredible feature for a delicious, balanced snack that is perfect at any moment of the day
  • White chocolate coating protein bar
  • 34% protein and only 2,4 g of sugar per bar
BELGIAN WAFFLES PROTEIN are high rated protein waffles (Whey Isolate) with low sugar and calories. They are recommended in a weight loss program or in a high protein need (e.g. for sports results) or even for maintaining muscle tone.
  • High rate protein with whey isolate
  • Low sugar
With our QNT shakers, no more lumps in your preparations! With its integrated filter, you will finally enjoy a smooth and homogeneous shake. Moreover, with a capacity of 600 ml, it has a graduation so that you never make any dosage mistakes. Convenient, isn't it?
  • Ideal for mixing your powder supplements
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to use screw cap

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