• Skinny Protein Bar 24x35g
  • Skinny Protein Bar 24x35g
  • Skinny Protein Bar 24x35g
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  • Skinny Protein Bar 24x35g
  • Skinny Protein Bar 24x35g
  • Skinny Protein Bar 24x35g

Skinny Protein Bar Coconut | 24 x 35 g

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  • Contains 30% of protein per bar
  • Formulated to accompany a weight loss program
  • Great appetite suppressant snack

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Skinny Protein Bar 24x35g
Skinny Protein Bar | 24 x 35 g

Discover our delicious Easy Body bars, allies of your slimming and well-being. With 10 grams of protein and only 133 kcal per bar, this appetite suppressant snack is as healthy as it is light to eat. As part of a protein diet, this snack fits perfectly into your diet to help you achieve your weight loss or stabilisation goals. Convenient and easy to take anywhere, the Easy Body bar is available in 4 delicious flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry, Double Chocolate and Coconut. Wait no longer and let yourself be tempted by this light and tasty protein bar!

Easy Body Protein Bar is the perfect appetite suppressant snack for its delectable taste and optimal composition to keep in shape and best accompany the benefits of working out. Integrated into a healthy and varied diet and accompanied by regular workout sessions, this protein bar will make all the difference by providing you with a practical and very low calorie solution while still being appetizing.

A high protein, low calorie bar

With a high protein content and low calories per bar, Easy Body is a great snack for active people who want to lose weight. It is also the ideal partner in a high-protein diet, where you want to get the right amount of protein with a minimum of calories and sugar. With its 10 grams of protein per bar, Easy Body offers an easy and convenient solution to the day's snack cravings while staying within your slimming and weight loss objectives. In fact, consuming protein feeds your lean body mass directly to the detriment of your body fat. Therefore, you enhance muscular development and maintenance while keeping a slim and sexy figure.

The protein in the Easy Body bars will notably help rebuild your muscles after exercise, allowing for better recovery and optimal development of muscle tone. The protein will help you sustain your performance during your workout sessions and give your muscles all the fuel they need to grow, regenerate and tone up. Protein is the most important nutrient to keep your muscles at their optimum quality. Even if you don't exercise regularly, protein is a nutrient that is extremely useful for the metabolism for the general good health of your muscles and body.

A protein bar to help you lose weight

Easy Body protein bar is the ideal partner for your weight loss program. Protein is an excellent nutrient that promotes a feeling of satiety faster and lasts longer, thus acting as a very effective appetite suppressant. In addition, protein directly feeds lean mass at the expense of fat mass which promotes weight loss. In fact, protein can help preserve lean body mass. While it is generally recognised that protein-based diets are not only very effective, but also prove to have many benefits for the metabolism, such as reducing blood sugar levels or improving satiety.

The low calorie per bar of Easy Body also makes it a great snack to eat with pleasure without ever having to feel guilty. So wait no longer and enjoy some protein while staying focused on your goals with our tasty protein bars. Whether you want to lose weight, keep your shape or simply avoid consuming unnecessary calories, the Easy Body bar is for you!

1 bar before, during or after training, or as a snack between meals

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4,7 /5
7 review
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By on  07 Feb. 2018 Skinny Protein Bar | 24 x 35 g


I love the taste and texture of easybody bar in coconut flavour. It has lots of protein, vitamins, and minerals. I consider it more as a supplement than a meal replacement. Thanks QNT

By on  06 Feb. 2017 Skinny Protein Bar | 24 x 35 g

High Protein & Good Taste

Tastes so good. I love the coconut flavor and the amount of protein. I eat these for breakfast with black coffee and I am satisfied until lunch. Great bar!

By on  07 Feb. 2015 Skinny Protein Bar | 24 x 35 g


Easybody protein bar tastes good and meets all my nutrition guidelines. There are a couple other flavors like strawberry, coconut and double chocolate that are really good too, but I like vanilla most. If you refrigerate them for a few hours and then crumble them up, they are a good addition to a frozen protein drink.