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200 gr
100 ml
Coconut milk
125 gr
20 gr
Light Digest Whey Protein cuberdon

Strawberry Cuberdon Lassi

15 min.
Categories : Desserts

Healthy and surprising, let yourself be tempted by a healthy and fruity recipe! The secret ingredient: Light Digest whey protein cuberdon flavor.


Step 1: In a robot-mixer, put your washed and drained strawberries, coconut milk, a dose of Light Digest Cuberdon, a peeled half banana and yogurt. For yoghurt, favor lean or 0%.

Step 2: Mix everything for 30 seconds so that the result is homogeneous. Add, if you wish, an ice cube in Lassi for more freshness.

Step 3: Pour your mixture into a bowl and place your favorite fruits on top, such as half of banana, raspberries or kiwi. It's ready !

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