for person (people)

64 g
Plain Greek yoghurt
1.42 g
80 g
Light Digest Whey protein (White chocolate)
85 g
Frozen mango
1 cup
Frozen forest berries
1 pinch

(128 g = 1 cup)

(85 g = 2/3 cup)

(64 g = 1/2 cup)

Protein frozen yoghurt

30 min.
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Even if the weather is not so good, summer is well and truly here. And what would the summer season be without a little frozen treat?

With our frozen yoghurt recipe, it would be a pity not to enjoy it! Low in sugar, light and refreshing, this dessert is perfect for the hot summer days to come!


Step 1: Put the yoghurt, protein powder, salt and cinnamon in a small food processor and blend until well combined.

Step 2: Add the frozen mango pieces and raspberries (make sure the fruits are frozen) and pulse until the fruit is completely broken down and incorporated into the yogurt.

Step 3: This frozen yoghurt is intended to be consumed immediately as it will become solid if kept in the freezer.

Step 4: However, it can be placed in the freezer for 15 minutes to firm up a bit, if you want a firmer texture.


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