Light Digest Whey Protein Crème brûlée 500 g

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Light Digest Whey Protein Crème brûlée 500 g

Nieuwe generatie proteine

  • Helpt lichaamsvet te verminderen minder dan 80 kcal per serving
  • Laag in suiker & hoog in vezels
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Crème Brûlée
  • Neutrale
  • Banaan
  • Belgische chocolade
  • Kokosnoot
  • Cuberdon
  • Citroen macaron
  • Chocolade-hazelnoot
  • Pistache
  • Witte chocolade
  • Pop Corn
  • Gezouten karamel

  • 76 Calorie(ën)
  • 25 Porties
  • 0 Suiker toegevoegd
  • 500 g Gewicht

A multifunctional protein fit for everyone!

The LIGHT DIGEST WHEY PROTEIN is a brand new generation of protein formulated for all types of athletes (beginners or advanced) and for active people. 

Thanks to this, it will help you to significantly improve your sports performance, whatever sport you are engaged in.  Furthermore, the whey protein helps to maintain muscle tone and build muscle mass* .  The LIGHT DIGEST WHEY PROTEIN will also allow you to recover better after your training sessions, whether you do bodybuilding or any other sport, and helps with weight loss if incorporated into your current diet regimen.

A wide array of flavours

Choose between 12 absolutely delicious flavours: Banana, Belgian chocolate, White chocolate, Chocolate-Hazelnut, Coco, Crème-brûlée, Cuberdon, Lemon Macaron, Neutral or Pistachio.  The new flavours of Salted caramel and Popcorn will soon be available.  And if you have a hard time choosing a flavour, why don't you try them all, thanks to our mixed flavours variety pack?  They contain 12 doses of 40 g (2 servings) and you can taste all of the flavours!


A high-fibre and low-sugar formula 

With an ideal formula rich in inulin fibre (660 mg per serving) and no added sugar, LIGHT DIGEST WHEY PROTEIN is a blend of whey protein concentrate and isolate containing a large amount of BCAA's (L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine) which are special amino acids essential for recovery and muscular development.  In addition, this whey does not contain gluten or soy, and is perfect for athletes who do not tolerate these ingredients.


Very easy to use

This protein powder mixes very easily with water or milk depending on your preference.  Simply put a portion of 20g into a shaker, add 200ml of water or milk, shake vigorously and… there you go!  A protein shake ready to use before or after training.

If you're feeling creative, do not hesitate to use LIGHT DIGEST WHEY PROTEIN to create your own recipes! This whey protein powder mixes perfectly with dessert type preparations and will enhance your sweet cravings with a significant protein touch!

  • Cafeïnevrij
  • Zonder schaaldieren
  • Glutenvrij
  • Zonder noten
  • Zonder soja
  • Zonder eieren

Melkeiwitten [wei-eiwit concentraat (bevat melk), wei-eiwitisolaat (bevat melk)], inuline, smaakstoffen, verdikkingsmiddelen: E412 / E415, kaliumchloride, zoetstof: E955, natriumchloride, kleur E160a.

Bevat melk. Voedingssupplement dat niet als vervanging voor een gevarieerde, evenwichtige voeding en een gezonde manier van leven gebruikt mag worden. Buiten het bereik van jonge kinderen houden. De dagelijks aanbevolen portie niet overschrijden.


  / 20 g / 100 g
Energy 321 kJ/ 77 kcal 1607 kJ / 384 kcal
Fat 1 g 4,8 g
- Saturates 0,7 g 3,4 g
Carbohydrates 1,6 g 8 g
- Sugars 1,5 g 7,5 g
Fibers 0,7 g 3,3 g
Proteins 15,7 g 78,3 g
Salt 0,09 g 0,44 g
Inuline 660 mg 3300 mg
Chloride (10%*) 80 mg 400 mg
L-Leucine (BCAA) 1712 mg 8560 mg
L-Valine (BCAA) 1014 mg 5070 mg
L-Isoleucine (BCAA) 1046 mg 5230 mg

Meng dagelijks 2 porties met 200 ml water of magere melk

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  • This delicious energizing shake contains essential nutrients to increase your physical energy levels.

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  • Hier is een klassiek gebak opnieuw bezocht zonder suiker en zonder koolhydraten! De pannenkoeken zijn verfraaid met Whey Protein Light Digest crème brûlée aroma ...

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