• A real "six-pack"!
    A real "six-pack"!

    When was the last time you saw a male model without perfect abs? The famous "six-packs" ... Even women are becoming trendy with a six-pack. It has become a must in this world where “how you look” is the most important thing... This shows that you are young, fit and ready to make an effort to get what you want. In any case that's what many people think .. But is this really the case?

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  • How to get back to training in top form?
    How to get back to training in top form?

    The ups and downs set the seasons of your workouts. There are days when you want to give your all and days when you give what you can. Some even abandon their goals and will only resume them in emergency: When they have really regained too much weight. There are, however, little "tricks" that can keep you from letting go. When your motivation goes down, with one or the other trick, it can come back, because we all know that we can’t feel motivated in the same way every day. The champions...

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  • How to train flexibility?
    How to train flexibility?

    The way to train flexibility is often highly controversial. Depending on the sports you practice, you work differently. A dancer and an athlete train differently, as well as a boxer and a gymnast. Everyone thinks they are right... but where is the truth?

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  • "Prime Whey" for optimum muscle growth and body tone maintenance!
    "Prime Whey" for optimum muscle growth and body tone maintenance!

    QNT Prime Whey is a 100% whey protein with a high concentration of  Isolate and zero sugar added.

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  • How to train for power?
    How to train for power?

    Power is the ability to do the heaviest task possible in a minimum of time and with maximum speed. This may sound difficult, but it is a rather pleasant program to execute. Training for power is not really advisable for beginners because it requires trained abs to provide a good sheathing but also a good technique. Potential errors are paid cash: poor technique, fragility due to poor nutrition, lack of sleep or lack of concentration and an accident is here. This means a tear, dislocation or...

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  • How to keep in shape this summer?
    How to keep in shape this summer?

    How to keep in shape this summer? This is THE question that everyone asks before the holidays. Men wonder how to lose unsightly bulges in the abdomen area and women instead focus on their buttocks. Everyone likes to be to their advantage on the beach and likes to attract positive looks on their physique. The big problem is that this question is raised in June when it should have been asked in September of the year before. Indeed, losing fat takes time, and making excesses usually pays off...

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  • Transient fatigue or overtraining?
    Transient fatigue or overtraining?

    When you train intensively, you do not always have the same energy or the same desire to train. It happens that the training of the day could be postponed tomorrow ... Nevertheless, it is strongly advised to the athlete who wants results not to listen to this little voice that pushes him to agree some respite for a certain reason. On the other hand, the inten-sity of everyday training can sometimes lead to overtraining. At this time, it is advisable to go easy. How can we tell the difference...

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  • The training of high level athletes
    The training of high level athletes

    Each sport requires different skills but, currently, to reach high levels, it is essential to have a good physical condition. It is quite obvious in sports such as football and rugby or athletics, but it is also valid in motorsports or even scuba diving.

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  • Exercise in case of injury?
    Exercise in case of injury?

    For any athlete, an injury is a kind of a disaster ... It is for them a synonym for stagnation or even regression. However it is possible to limit the damage, provided, of course, to always stay attentive to the pain, the sensation that exists to inform you to slow down or to provide damage to greater extent.

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  • The best exercice !
    The best exercice !

    Anyone who has ever been to a gym once asked himself the question: What is the best exercise for an effective training? The goal here is not to choose and train with the best one, but to realize what makes an exercise effective.

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  • How to have a visible abdominal core?
    How to have a visible abdominal core?

    Throughout the ads, at the cinema you see beautiful athletes bodybuilded with toned abs. So? Is it possible for everyone? Can you set yourself the goal of seeing the shape of your abs under this layer of fat that characterizes them at the moment?

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  • Weights, machines or bars?
    Weights, machines or bars?

    This is a question asked many times: What works best? Weights, machines or bars? Let's try now to highlight the advantages of each way of working.

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