• Beglian Waffles Protein Powder | 480g
  • Beglian Waffles Protein Powder | 480g
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  • Beglian Waffles Protein Powder | 480g
  • Beglian Waffles Protein Powder | 480g

Protein Belgian Waffles Milk Chocolate | 480 g

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  • High Whey Protein Isolate content
  • Low in sugar
  • Weight control


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Beglian Waffles Protein Powder | 480g
Protein Belgian Waffles | 480 g

Belgian Protein Waffles is the protein that lets you eat delicious waffles while enjoying its many benefits on the body. Available in milk chocolate and white chocolate flavours, this protein has been formulated for beginners and experienced athletes as well as for anyone active. Protein Waffles can be eaten at any time of day and will fit perfectly into any healthy and balanced diet. Low in sugar and containing 37% of whey protein isolate, it lets you fill up with high quality protein while you enjoy the moment.

Wait no longer to try out this protein while preparing tasty waffles. Protein Belgian Waffles will help you attain your objectives, whatever they are. Whether it's weight loss or a higher protein intake, it will help you to improve your performance while helping to maintain muscle tone. Its protein intake allows you to take your fitness and workout to the next level while taking pleasure in eating a simple waffle.

High quality Protein Belgian Waffles

Thanks to its protein content, Protein Belgian Waffles will help you attain your goals. Protein acts as a real fuel for the muscles. Moreover, the protein in Protein Belgian Waffles works to your advantage because it is whey protein isolate which is an ultra filtered and ultra pure protein. Protein Belgian Waffles has an extremely high protein content (37% of quality protein) for a simple and easy snack at home. Its absorption in your body will help your muscles to grow and tone while optimizing muscle recovery.

Making waffles with this protein helps you fill up with quality proteins that will directly sustain your muscles. Moreover, it will maintain the lean mass at the expense of fat thus increasing weight loss by permitting better weight control. Whether you are an athlete or not, Protein Belgian Waffles will quickly become a favourite part in your routine by letting you eat delicious protein waffles which will play an important part in increasing your performance and improving your wellbeing.

Guiltless pleasure

Let yourself enjoy a relaxing moment by preparing delicious highly nutritious protein waffles. Make your own high-protein waffles which are far better than the industrial produced waffles filled with fats and sugars. The best way to reward yourself after your efforts during your workout sessions or after one of your busy days. Protein is a welcome addition to help maintain and develop your muscles.

Low in sugar and calories, Protein Belgian Waffles will quickly become a favourite part of your routine which lets you eat delicious waffles that will help to provide your muscles with an optimal protein supply. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this protein can be eaten at any time of the day without feeling guilty. With this intelligent snacking, you can eat healthy light soft waffles while feeling in harmony with your body and your well-being.

Quick and easy to prepare

It's easy to make delicious protein waffles at home. Simply mix one dose (30g) of Protein Waffles with 60 ml of water or milk (cow's milk or vegetable-based milk) in your shaker. Once vigorously mixed, pour into a hot waffle iron. You can also enjoy these tasty light waffles in a chocolate flavour. Quick and easy to use, you can use this protein to prepare waffles, pancakes and many other healthy snacks. For inspiration, you can check out our recipes online and discover many quick and easy variations for your breakfast or light high-protein snacks. Make yourself happy by tasting these delectable snacks in a chocolate flavour.

You can make delicious snacks in no time. Making savoury waffles has never been easier and you'll never mess up your waffle preparations again. Wait no longer to give yourself a treat and enjoy these delicious Belgian waffles with the perfect protein content.

For one waffle, fill a shaker with 60ml water or skimmed milk and add 1 scoop (30g) of the mix. shake the mixture thoroughly and pour it in a waffle iron. Bake the waffle. Also suitable for pancakes.

What our customers say

4,2 /5
10 review
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By on  06 Nov. 2016 Protein Belgian Waffles | 480 g

Very Happy with this

Good value. Tastes great. After reading reviews of protein powders

By on  07 Nov. 2015 Protein Belgian Waffles | 480 g

Great for your body

I have already recommended this (also in white chocolate) to a friend - replace your empty calories with this powder. You can cut your calories

By on  07 Nov. 2014 Protein Belgian Waffles | 480 g

Tasty and nutritious

Used as a meal replacement it is both tasty and nutritious and will help cure the desire for mid-day snacks and high-calorie desserts. I Would like to see carb level lower but then again that quality is usually with the much higher priced versions.

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