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Discover our services to help you stay the course, calculate your calories and follow your evolution! We help you with our calculator, do the tests and follow our advice in lines to continue to progress.

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You want to start and do not know where from to? Our blog section and tips are full of information that can help you in your selection.

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create awesome recipes

  • A refreshing summer treat you will become obsessed with in the summer.

    10 min.
  • How to turn your banal cottage cheese into an innovative culinary experience? You should then try these healthy dessert made with cottage cheese and QNT's Dessert Protein pudding.

    5 min.
  • Making healthy, light chocolate pancakes is at the reach of anybody, provided one has the will and right ingredients at hand!

    20 min.
  • High in protein, outstanding eye catching dessert made out of 6 ingredients.

    30 min.
  • Homemade chia seed pudding is good and super healthy! The seeds are stuffed with antioxidants and omega-3.

    15 min.
  • Making healthy, light waffles has never been easier! Rich in protein and low in fat, they will be suitable for all your diets.

    20 min.
  • A real touch of exoticism and freshness to take everywhere! A Healthy and incredibly light snack, you will succumb to this recipe of meringuettes concocted especially for athletes

    25 min.
  • Healthy and surprising, let yourself be tempted by a healthy and fruity recipe! The secret ingredient: Light Digest whey protein cuberdon flavor.

    15 min.
  • The timeless Bulgarian yogurt cake ... But in its best version! Gourmand while being light and healthy, you will enjoy without feeling guilty.

    60 min.
  • Titillate your taste buds with this extremely greedy meringue. Very few ingredients are enough, the Whey Vegan Protein Light Digest red fruit taste...

    30 min.
  • Huge crush on this simple chocolate chip cookie recipe! Shortbread and crunchy as it should, these little sweets are achieved with the Light Digest Whey Protein neutral flavor.

    25 min.
  • Here is a classic pastry revisited without sugar and without carbohydrate! The pancakes are embellished with Whey Protein Light Digest crème brûlée aroma for maximum delicacy.

    20 min.

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  • The training of high level athletes

    The training of high level athletes

    Each sport requires different skills but, currently, to reach high levels, it is essential to have a good physical condition. It is quite obvious in sports such as football and rugby or athletics,...

  • Exercise in case of injury?

    Exercise in case of injury?

    For any athlete, an injury is a kind of a disaster ... It is for them a synonym for stagnation or even regression. However it is possible to limit the damage, provided, of course, to always stay...

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