Weight loss

For both men and women, losing weight and staying healthy is a major issue. Being overweight leads to a number of complications and can ultimately have irreversible effects on an individual's health. In order to feel good about yourself and your health, maintaining a healthy body weight is the number one goal of all sports enthusiasts.

To help you burn fat and achieve your goals, discover here our weight loss products adapted to your needs.

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For males and females alike, when losing weight or trying to get back into shape, following a balanced and healthy diet is not always enough. It is essential to maintain a healthy weight in order to keep the body healthy and to avoid being overweight which can lead to various health problems, Dietary supplements can help you attain your goals by tackling your body fat. These products contain essential nutrients that will help you feel better about yourself and your body.

Nutrients essential for weight loss

As part of a weight loss program, adding protein to your diet will help you attain your goals. The key is to follow a healthy and balanced diet. On top of that, protein supplements will give you the nutrients you need to help you lose weight. Because of its very low levels of carbohydrates and lipids, protein allows you to preserve your strength through the maintenance of your muscles.

Protein helps in the maintenance and development of muscles, as well as muscle recovery. Therefore it provides you with the fuel you need to sustain you throughout the day. This is an essential nutrient for your muscles to maintain optimal health and quality. Even if you are not an avid athlete, protein is important for your body because it helps maintain muscles and lean mass. Protein feeds muscle mass instead of fat cells like most foods that are not beneficial to your weight loss goals.

In addition, protein supplements are low in calories and will help keep you going throughout the day. Even if you eat less but are consuming caloric foods, this will not help you in your weight loss goals. The key is to eat smart and avoid eating just anything. Protein in our supplements will also help reduce the feelings of hunger which can lead to bad cravings. This feeling of satiety lasts for a long time in the body. Protein is a very effective appetite suppressant and is beneficial to your body. This will consequently increase your feeling of well-being and your performance in a positive way.

Finally, our supplements are available in many varieties of flavours that will entice your palates. Our supplements which are effective partners to your weight loss program will allow you to boost your performance while enjoying the great flavours. They are suitable for all active people wanting to lose weight or simply to take better care of their body while maintaining a great figure.

The best products to include in your weight loss program

To help you with your weight loss, you can choose from a variety of products that will help you attain your goals. Here you will find the best products to help keep your body in shape so that you can look and feel your best. These supplements are especially designed to bolster fat burning which will help you keep a nice and fit body. Moreover, these supplements will provide you with the necessary tools to cope with your days, even the busiest ones.

First of all, there is our slimming product range, Easy Body, especially designed for women who want to stay in great shape all year round. This range includes Skinny Protein which is the best powdered protein on the market formulated for slimming purposes. This protein is very rich in protein (72%) and available in three of your favourite flavours and is the ideal partner to a high-protein diet. With no added sugar and low calorie content, this protein is the ideal asset for anyone wishing to combine weight loss with vitality and health. Moreover, it is enriched with L-Carnitine which will help you in your weight loss, but also with collagen which will improve the beauty of your skin. The Easy Body range also includes protein bars and other supplements that will help you with weight loss. Part of this range, you will find Waterless which will help with toning and refining of your body by helping you fight water retention which adds to your weight. Also,you will find Lipitek which is a fat burner which targets the carbohydrates present in your body. By burning calories, it reduces fat by stimulating your body’s metabolism. The Easy Body range is perfect for women who want to attain and maintain their desired body weight and shape throughout the year.

Then there is the Light Digest range which is the second QNT flagship product line ideally suited for any weight loss program. Light Digest protein powder is one of THE best products available on the market. Rich in fibre and low in sugar, it is one of the newest generation of proteins. Containing only 80 calories per serving, this protein powder has been formulated to adapt to the needs of everyone (athlete or active person) because it works perfectly with your diet when you partake this during the day by making it a part of your weight loss program. In addition, it will help preserve muscle tone which would help you to maintain your best body. Available in 11 different flavors, this protein powder is the perfect snack without compromising any weight loss goals. Your lean muscle mass is being nourished instead of your fat cells. This protein makes preparing a healthy and tasty shake easily in little to no time.

There are also protein bars that you can eat as a snack and fulfill your cravings throughout the day. Besides being convenient and easy to take anywhere with you, they provide you with the essential nutrients that you will need to maintain the right balance in your body. Low in calories, these easily digestible bars are found in our Easy Body and Light Digest ranges and are available in many flavours. They will fit perfectly into your daily diet regime to help you lose weight. These tasty healthy bars are an alternative to the many chocolate bars high in sugar and fats that you find in most stores and they are guilt-free snacks.

For those who have a sweet tooth, we also have Waffles Protein which lets you indulge yourself without feeling guilty when eating delicious high protein waffles. These protein-rich waffles are perfect to make a part of your weight loss program.

For the vegetarians, vegans and anyone who wants to reduce their consumption of animal products, we have developed our Vegan Protein product line made of 100% vegetable protein. Composed of pea and rice proteins, the Vegan Protein range is hypoallergenic and contains no lactose and sugar added. This protein powder made from a vegetable source is also ideal for people wishing to lose weight because of its very low calorie (only 73 calories), carbohydrates and lipids content. Easy to digest, it provides all the nutrients your body needs to maintain your lean body mass.

To attain your weight loss objectives, you can also find fat burning supplements in capsule form. We have developed three fat burners which work effectively on the body. The first one is the Fat Burner. Its many active ingredients help you control weight in a healthy way. Among these active ingredients, you can find apple pectin which maintains the feeling of satiety and L-Carnitine which works with the combustion of fat cells. The second product in this group of fat burners is Riptek which is a thermogenesis activator. It is enriched with glucomannan and it acts directly on the combustion of fat by maintaining the body temperature at a normal level. In addition to working on the fat cells, this fat burner also reduces the appetite thanks to its expert formula. Because of this, it is ideal to include in any weight loss program. The third one is Stack Force. It works directly on metabolism by speeding up the burning of calories and breaking down the fat cells down in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. In addition, the active ingredients also provide the energy you will need throughout the day.

Finally, L-Carnitine is an element that also plays a crucial role in fat burning. Therefore, it is also the ideal component to your weight loss program. Besides being a fat burner, it assists in the production of energy by accelerating the combustion of fatty acids present in the body. L-Carnitine will promote a more efficient combustion of fat by burning it within the mitochondria whose role is to transform fatty acids into energy. L-Carnitine is available in capsule, small-size liquid or ready-to-drink formats so that you can take it with you anywhere throughout the day. L-Carnitine draws from your fat reserves to produce the needed energy and this increase in energy will in turn increase the oxygenation of the blood which improves endurance.