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Easy and practical to take everywhere with you, discover our wide choice of drinks to consume throughout the day. They will support you before, during and after your training sessions. Directly ready to use, our refreshing drinks contain ideal levels of amino acids, L-Carnitine, proteins and are also ideal for providing you with energy.

Ideal for accompanying you throughout the day, our choice of drinks is easy and convenient to take everywhere with you. Designed for active and/or sporty people, our range includes drinks rich in amino acids, L-carnitine, proteins, but also drinks ideal for filling up on energy.

The convenient format means you can take them everywhere with you for easy consumption at any time of day. Our drinks include ingredients that combine quality and flavour. With theirideal nutritional values, theirrefreshing taste is perfect for combining pleasure with the benefits of their ingredients.

The ease with which they can be used means you can hydrate before, during and after sports sessions or throughout the day. Depending on the drink you choose, you can get an energy boost, stimulate your metabolism or help your muscles develop. Don't wait any longer to discover all the QNT drinks and choose the one that best suits your goals.

Amino acid drinks

Importance of Amino Acids for the Body.

The amino acids are the basic units of proteins , essential especially during physical activity to rebuild muscle tissue. They also provide an energy boost and improved recovery.

Why Opt for Amino Acid Drinks.

A balanced and varied diet provides a supply of amino acids. However, for some people, particularly active people or athletes, this intake may not be sufficient. Taking an amino acid supplement in the form of a drink may be an ideal solution.

Amino Acid Supplement Needs for Sportsmen and Women.

Amino acid requirements are higher for active people. The body does not store surplus amino acids, and their need increases during training, making amino acid drinks particularly useful.

Key roles of Amino Acids

There are two types of amino acid: non-essential and essential, which our bodies cannot synthesise. They are essential for muscle regeneration and development, activating protein synthesis.

Benefits of Amino Acid Drinks.

The rapid absorption and assimilation of amino acids in our drinks enables an intense release of energy, ideal for maximising training sessions. Taken before or during exercise, they help provide the energy you need, reduce muscle cramps and soreness, and support muscle repair and development through protein synthesis.

L-carnitine drinks

L-carnitine Drinks: Weight Loss Allies.

l-carnitine drinks are ideal as part of a weight loss programme. L-carnitine plays a crucial role in the body, acting as a real fat burner. It stimulates the metabolism by speeding up the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, thereby promoting the breakdown of fat.

Energy boost thanks to Fat Burning.

In addition to its action on fat reduction, L-carnitine promotes energy production. By facilitating the combustion of fatty acids, it provides the body with a second source of energy, optimising glycogen stocks. This has a significant impact on endurance, allowing energy intake over a longer period.

Improved Endurance and Muscle Recovery.

The L-carnitine plays an important role in optimising energy intake and reducing fatigue. By focusing on fat, it helps to streamline glycogen stocks, promoting better muscle recovery and limiting the impact of muscle soreness.

Better Oxygen Circulation and Increased Performance.

The action of L-carnitine does not stop at weight loss or optimising energy intake. It also helps to improve the circulation of oxygen in the blood, enabling greater explosiveness and a gain in energy for the muscles.

Consumption and benefits of L-carnitine drinks

L-carnitine drinks should be consumed before or during training to maintain good physical performance, even during the most intense sessions. They can also be taken throughout the day to help burn fat and provide an energy boost, while staying hydrated and helping to improve your performance to help you push past your limits.

Energy drinks

Boost Your Energy with Energy Drinks.

Energy drinks are ideal for providing you with an energy boost. They'll help you exceed your limits by giving you a boost in the face of effort. Thanks to energy drinks, you'll feel more dynamic and you'll be ready to achieve your goals.

Active Principles for Sustainable Energy.

It's the active principles of the ingredients contained in these drinks that will enable this release of energy. This supply will be ideal to accompany you throughout the day, allowing you to improve your performance without losing intensity.

An energy boost can be an ideal solution for providing a boost to the body. Our bodies already produce energy, but this stock is limited. So taking an energy drink provides an extra boost of energy that the body can benefit from instantly.

Improved Physical and Mental Performance.

Taking an energy drink will give you an energy boost that will improve your performance both physically and mentally. They will help reduce the effects of fatigue in addition to allowing you to be more focused.

QNT Energy Drinks: your Ally in achieving your Goals.

QNT Energy Drinks are ideal for any active person or sportsperson looking for a boost to achieve those goals. They are designed to accompany you in your quest to excel and excel, whether in your daily activities or your intensive training sessions.

Protein shakes

The Benefits of Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are ideal for accompanying you throughout your efforts and helping you achieve your goals. It's thanks to the many beneficial properties contained in proteins that these drinks are essential for the body.

Easy and convenient to use.

The advantage of these protein shakes lies in how easy they are to use. Directly ready to use, they require no handling. Easily digestible and quick to absorb, these drinks allow you to fill up on high-quality protein in the best possible way.

Benefits for Muscles.

The low fat and sugar content of these protein drinks make them real partners for your muscles. Their high protein concentration means they play a crucial role in building and growing muscle tissue. The proteins in these drinks will help rebuild damaged muscle fibres in addition to promoting better recovery after exercise.

Need for a Regular Protein Intake

The body doesn't store protein, so getting it into your body must be done fairly regularly if you need protein. Protein shakes will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

A Practical and Tasty Solution.

Protein shakes are also ideal for filling up on protein without having to consume large quantities of food. The creamy texture of these drinks allows you to meet your protein requirements. What's more, they save you time, making them the ideal alternative to protein powders. Their practical format makes them easy to transport and allows you to consume them at any time of day, whether after training or as a snack to maximise their intake into the body.