Easy and practical to take everywhere with you, discover our wide choice of drinks to consume throughout the day. They will support you before, during and after your training sessions. Directly ready to use, our refreshing drinks contain ideal levels of amino acids, L-Carnitine, proteins and are also ideal for providing you with energy.

Suitable for drinking anytime throughout the day, our drinks are easy and convenient to take with you wherever you go. Formulated for active people and/or athletes, our selection of drinks includes ones rich in amino acids, L-carnitine, proteins, but also ones best for replenishing energy.

Their convenient size lets you take them anywhere with you so that they can be easily accessible at any time of day. Our drinks contain ingredients which are a combination of quality and flavour. Because of their optimal nutritional values, you can enjoy their refreshing taste while taking advantage of the best ingredients.

Thanks to their handy sizes, you can now properly hydrate yourself before, during and after any workout sessions or anytime throughout the day. Depending on the drink you choose, you can get an energy boost, stimulate your metabolism or help develop your muscles. Wait no longer to taste all of the QNT drinks and choose the one that matches your goals the best.

Which one to choose ?

Amino acids drinks

Amino acids are the basic units of proteins. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that there are essential quantities, especially during physical activity where our body needs a greater supply of amino acids to rebuild muscle tissue. Amino acids also provide an energy boost and enable better muscle recovery.

Amino acids are essential for the proper functioning of the body. While a good supply of amino acids comes from a balanced and varied diet but they only come in varying quantities which may not be sufficient. Therefore, taking a supplement of amino acids in drink form can be the perfect solution, as amino acid requirements can be higher for active people or athletes. The body retains only the necessary amount of amino acids for its proper functioning and does not store any extra amino acids, even though the need for them increases during workout.

Amino acids are indispensable for the body. There are two types of amino acids: the non-essential ones and the essential ones that our body cannot synthesise on its own. They enable the regeneration of muscle tissue and promote muscle development by activating protein synthesis.

The rapid ingestion and metabolism of the amino acids from our drinks allows an explosive release of energy that will help you get the most out of your workout. Partaken before or during your training sessions, these drinks will help provide sufficient energy to help you attain your goals. These amino acid drinks will also help reduce muscle cramps and pain. Finally, drinking them will help with muscle and tissue repair and aid in the maintenance and development of muscles through protein synthesis.

L-carnitine drinks

L-carnitine drinks are excellent to be included as part of a weight loss program since the role of L-carnitine in the body is to act as a fat burner. It stimulates the body’s metabolism by accelerating the transport of fatty acids to the energy centers of our cells, the mitochondria. Present in all body cells, the mitochondria contribute to energy production. By accelerating this process of transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria, L-carnitine speeds up the breakdown of fats.

In addition to fat reduction, L-carnitine promotes energy production. By promoting the combustion of fatty acids, L-carnitine provides a second source of energy to the body. At the same time, by targeting fats and aiming to destock within the body, it helps to conserve precious glycogen stocks. This will have a rather considerable impact on endurance since the energy supply can be managed over a longer period of time. At the same time, as the energy supply is being optimized, the presence of carbohydrates in the body will last for longer periods of time which will reduce fatigue. As a result, L-carnitine will promote muscle recovery and limit muscle aches and pains.

L-carnitine does not just optimize weight loss or energy intake. It improves the circulation of oxygen in the blood. By allocating glycogen stocks, a higher level of oxygen can be found in the blood and provide more strength and energy to the muscles.

L-carnitine drinks should be ingested before or during training. They will help you maintain good physical performance during even the most intensive training sessions. They can also be taken throughout the day to help you burn fat and boost energy. L-carnitine drinks will keep you hydrated while helping you improve your performance by allowing you to go beyond your limits.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are great for giving you the boost of energy. They will help you exceed your limits by giving you a kick in your efforts. Energy drinks will make you feel more productive and ready to attain your goals. The active ingredients contained in these drinks will permit this release of energy. This contribution will be ideal to accompany you throughout the day. This energy will enable you to improve your performance without loss of intensity.

An energy intake can be an ideal solution to provide a boost to the body. Our body already produces energy, but unfortunately this energy stock is limited. This stock comes from the carbohydrates in the body which are the body's main source of energy. They are used immediately by the body and only present in the body for a limited period of time. The intake of an energy drink therefore provides an additional boost in energy which the body can use instantly.

Partaking an energy drink will allow you to get an additional boost in energy which will improve both your physical and mental performance. It will help reduce fatigue and have better concentration. QNT's energy drinks are ideal for all active people or athletes who want to get a boost to meet these goals.

Protein Drinks

Protein drinks are the perfect partners to your efforts and can help you meet your goals. There are many beneficial properties contained in these protein drinks which are essential for the body. The advantage of these protein drinks is their ease of use. Ready to drink, no premixing needed. While easy to digest and quick to absorb, these drinks let you fill up with high-quality proteins in an optimal way.

The low fat and sugar content of these protein drinks make them a real ally to your muscles. Their high protein content enables them to play a crucial role in the building and growth of muscle tissue. The proteins present in these drinks will help rebuild damaged muscle fibres and enable better recovery after any physical activity.

As the body does not store any protein, they must be ingested fairly regularly if you have a great need for protein. Protein drinks will help you attain your goals.

Protein drinks are also excellent for replenishing protein without having to take in large quantities of food. The creamy texture of these drinks will give you the desire to meet your protein needs without hesitation. What's more, they are time-saving, making them the ideal alternative to powdered protein. Their practical size makes them easy to take them with you anywhere and lets you drink them any time of the day. They can be ingested after training or as a snack to maximise their contribution to the body.