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Healthy snacks and drinks

Even though many of us are athletes with a discipline adapted to our sport, sometimes it's nice to indulge without feeling guilty. QNT snacks allow you to enjoy delicious bars without going off your diet. As for the drinks, they can be fully integrated into any diet, providing ease of use and pleasant flavour.

Our bars and snacks are not just simple snacks; they are a true celebration of fitness and well-being. Imagine a moment of pure pleasure, where each bite is a promise of flavor without a shadow of guilt. Yes, you heard right: enjoy without regret. Because at QNT, we understand that following a diet or maintaining a balanced diet should never mean deprivation.

Our bars, true nutritional gems, are carefully crafted to offer you an optimal source of proteins or carbohydrates. Whether you're looking to build or repair your muscles after intense training, or simply to maintain your energy level throughout the day, they are your answer. And the best part? They fit perfectly into your diet, allowing you to stay on track with your goals without compromising on taste.

As for our drinks, they are the result of extensive research and an unwavering passion for well-being. Designed to meet the specific needs of athletes, they also aim to improve everyone's daily life. Hydration, energy, recovery: whatever your need, our healthy drinks are there to support you. They are your indispensable ally in achieving optimal well-being, allowing you to feel your best, inside and out.

Protein bars, an easy and delicious snack!

The protein bars PROTEIN JOY BARRE, PROTEIN WAFER, LIGHT DIGEST PROTEIN BARRE, SKINNY PROTEIN BARRE, PROTEIN COOKIE, PEANUT TIME BARRE, ENERJACK BARRE all offer different flavours and characteristics that can be adapted to any diet. Each of these bars has a good dose of protein (between 30 and 38 g per 100 g), carbohydrates with little sugar (between 34 and 37 g of carbohydrates per 100 g) and also little fat. PROTEIN COOKIE and ENERJACK BARRE are better suited to those who want a higher dose of carbohydrates. No more guilt: you indulge yourself and at the same time feed your body with everything it needs to progress!

VEGAN PROTEIN WAFER does the same thing but without the animal matter. Even if you're vegan, you can enjoy yourself while nourishing your body.

Sweets for all the family!

The bars are an easy-to-carry snack, but you can also prepare treats for the whole family with the satisfaction of giving them health benefits. With PROTEIN BELGIAN WAFELS delicious waffles, and DESSERT PROTEIN PUDDING, a protein pudding, both prepared in record time for a tasty treat. With PROTEIN PANCAKE, you can offer your family excellent protein pancakes or enjoy them guilt-free.

Refreshing, enjoyable and profitable drinks too!

DELICIOUS WHEY PROTEIN SHAKE, LIGHT DIGEST QUICK SHAKE PROTEINE and PRO SHAKE 50 G & LOW SUGAR offer a dose of protein from 20 to 50 g for a fairly reasonable calorie amount.

PROTEIN SHAKE IN GLASS, on the other hand, is a good dose of protein, sugar and calories: Ideal for building muscle mass!

VEGAN PROTEIN SHAKE is a 20g dose of protein made entirely from plants, in line with the vegan philosophy.

A 20g dose of low-calorie, carbohydrate-free protein? That's ISO WHEY PROTEIN WATER! A refreshing drink with added protein.

If sometimes you don't know which water is best to drink when training, we've decided to help you out: The SPORT WATER is specially designed to provide the right balance of minerals for an optimal session and throughout the day!

L-CARNITINE IMMUNITY WATER is a delicious thirst-quencher and an effective way of combating bacterial attacks. In particular, it provides vitamins and minerals that strengthen the body's defences.