Whey protein isolate

The isolate is a Whey protein and is therefore also extracted from whey. Its difference from Whey is in the filtration process. This has been taken further to make it even more pure and remove as much lactose, fat and sugar as possible. It is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant. This purer protein is ideal in a drying goal thanks to its higher protein content due to its filtration.

Isolate, an ultra-filtered protein

Isolate is a purer, richer form of protein. The whey Isolate is also derived from whey. Its difference is in the manufacturing process. It has undergone additional filtrations that have made it even purer than Whey. With a soluble texture, this protein is of superior quality and has one of the richest aminograms because it contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs. It also contains a higher concentration of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine) than other proteins.

The isolate is also very easily digestible due to its very fast absorption in the body. It contains a very high protein concentration (over 80%) and is very low in calories. Ultra filtered, this protein has very little fat and carbohydrates. Its high protein content will act directly on the muscles. Lactose-free, isolate is perfect for people with intolerance.

Before or after training

Isolate, the purest protein is perfect for athletes wanting to develop or maintain muscle mass. Taken before training, it will be ideal in order to store the nutrients needed to perform. The best is to take it after training because its rapid assimilation will facilitate recovery and the development of muscle mass. The post-workout period is the best because the body can absorb more nutrients. Therefore, a large portion of the amino acids will be able to be assimilated. The protein helps you push yourself and reach your goals by helping to tone, maintain and rebuild muscle.

Developing lean mass

Ultra filtered, isolate will be preferred by those wanting to reduce their carbohydrate and fat intake. With its higher protein content, it is ideal for people wanting to develop their lean muscle mass. Thanks to protein synthesis, muscle fibers will be able to grow and you will achieve better performance in your next sessions.

The isolate also helps with weight loss and maintenance while maintaining a stable muscle composition. The feeling of satiety caused by the high concentration of protein will also help with this weight loss by burning fat. In addition, isolate is ideal for people wanting to adopt a diet that seeks to replace higher calorie foods.

Our Whey Isolate


High protein content
Rich in BCAAs
Zero carb and low lactose concentration