Pre workout

Need a little boost or to improve your overall energy? Feeling a little sluggish before starting your sports session? To get the most out of your training sessions, we offer you our range of products to take before your sessions. They'll give you a energy boost and enable you to go further in your training sessions. Whatever your goal or sport, they help you push your limits.

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Pre workouts

The aim of a pre workout is to help you optimise your performance during your training sessions. They are designed with ingredients that will help you get a energy boost. They stimulate and improve your performance during training while promoting post-training recovery. Pre workouts will enhance your sessions by covering all the requirements needed to improve your performance. They increase your intake of energy, strength and endurance and enable you to complete longer sessions without losing intensity.

When to take them

Pre workouts are to be consumed before your sports session. Taken between 30 and 60 minutes before your workout, they will provide an energy boost. Their rapid action in the body allows you to carry out even more intense training sessions. In fact, by acting like a fuel they will provide you with the motivation you need to intensify your training. Their absorption provides an energy boost and reduces fatigue.

The various ingredients contained in our pre workouts will increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed by the muscles. The benefits of this increase are going to be a clear improvement in endurance, explosiveness and muscular strength, and this without any drop in intensity.

The different ingredients in our pre workouts are going to increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed by the muscles.

Whatever your sport or goals, anyone can take them. Whether you're looking for performance or just an energy boost, pre workouts will help you push your limits.

What are the benefits?

Via our pre workouts, you'll get better results from your sports sessions. You can go further in your sessions while feeling more dynamic and motivated. Your training sessions will be taken to the next level thanks to your improved sporting performance. You'll be able to carry out longer training sessions without losing intensity or strength. What's more, they also help to reduce post-training fatigue.

Taking a pre workout allows better concentration during your sessions thanks to improved movement execution. The release of ingredients into the body promotes congestion, which will help you feel your muscles better. Lastly, by providing a gain of energy, pre workouts provide unfailing motivation that will follow you throughout your session. You'll then be determined to go further in your session.

Which pre workouts should you choose?

- Pump RX is the latest caffeine-free pre workout from QNT. Thanks to its unique composition, this pre workout allows you to improve your performance during your workouts. Including a very low sugar content, it allows an increase in endurance and muscle strength.

- Hydravol is the ideal pre workout if you need an energy boost for long intense training. With no added sugar and rich in amino acids and vitamins, this pre workout provides an ideal energy boost. What's more, by increasing the production of nitric oxide, it improves the circulation of nutrients to the muscles. The effects for your training sessions are improved endurance, strength and better recovery.

Fast boosters & energy supplements

Boosters are single-take stimulants. With no added sugar, they enable improved sports performance, as well as strength, endurance and power. Convenient to take everywhere with you, their small, concentrated format enables rapid absorption of the ingredients to provide an energy boost wherever you are and whenever you want. At QNT you'll find three boosters.

- Elite NO 80 ml, is a booster to take before intense sports sessions. Rich in nitric oxide, it provides a gain in endurance and strength. This high-efficacy supplement gives you extra punch for your training.

- Guarana Kick 80 ml, gives you an energy boost thanks to its highly concentrated guarana and caffeine formula. Thanks to the properties of its two main ingredients, this drink provides an energy and concentration boost that will help you achieve your goals.

Preworkouts with caffeine:

Preworkouts with caffeine are designed to give you an energy boost. Caffeine can improve concentration, increase endurance performance and reduce the perception of exertion during exercise. However, sensitivity to caffeine varies from person to person, and some may experience anxiety or palpitations. QNT preworkouts with caffeine: Elite NO, Kick preworkout, Guarana Kick, Energel energy gel, Thermobooster, Guarana extreme voltage, Hydravol.

Caffeine-free preworkouts:

Caffeine-free preworkouts use other performance-enhancing ingredients, such as beta-alanine, creatine, and BCAAs. They're a good option if you're sensitive to caffeine, or if you're training at night and don't want to disrupt your sleep. At QNT, Pump RX contains no caffeine.


Whichever type of preworkout you choose, be sure to check the ingredients to make sure they match your nutritional goals and needs. And, as always, consult a healthcare professional or nutritionist before starting any new supplement, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.