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When you're an athlete and following a strict diet, it's not always easy to watch other people eat good things and make do with chicken, rice and broccoli. The healthy snack is a way of indulging yourself, but without really making a dent in your diet.

Most sportsmen and women always have a strict diet from the moment they reach a certain level and even when you're not a top sportsman or woman, you may want to watch what you eat. Inevitably, most of the people around us, influenced by the various junk food adverts, will also want to make us break down.

It's not always easy not to indulge ourselves when those around us crave waffles, biscuits or other sweets that are forbidden to us. When a craving starts to creep into our brains, it becomes something of an obsession.

That's when we need to find an alternative solution to be able to calm our cravings, but still keep our diet in line. Some people use sugar-free drinks, but it's quite controversial.

Some studies have shown that it's possible to use sugar-free beverages.

Some studies tell us that it increases sugar cravings more. Others find a way to compensate for their sweet cravings with cleverly developed supplements so they can give a non-guilty pleasure and above all without having to make a dent in their diet.

Protein cookies.

With a chocolate or salted caramel taste, it's the pleasure of biting into a cookie, but with almost 3 times more protein and fibre than a normal cookie, but above all almost 3 times less sugar, fat. So you can indulge with a clear conscience!

Protein Belgian Waffles.

It's never been easy to make waffles! Just mix, cook and it's ready! You get the taste of a good waffle, but with 10 times more protein than a normal waffle, but 3 times less carbs and 4 times less fat. What's more, it's also a way of making your diet a little more sociable and sharing your snack with those around you.

Protein pancake.

Like waffles, this is a very easy and convivial snack to make. What could be more fun than making pancakes for the whole family? Best of all, it's really just like enjoying a pancake, but with 3 times more protein and far fewer carbohydrates.

Protein pudding dessert

A dessert in a diet? Yes it is! It's possible with our pudding! Much higher in protein than a classic pudding, it also contains much less sugar and allows you to enjoy a good, creamy dessert with pleasure.

Advice from the Coach

A diet is done over time, many are those who make gaps in their diets. If we're going to break down, we might as well break down on something extra that's delicious and won't harm our condition!