Protein and sport

The protein plays a crucial role in the building of muscle tissue and adding it to your diet will help you meet your athletic challenges. You can choose between the following different proteins: whey concentrate, whey isolate, vegan, and casein. In addition we offer you the gainer which has a high protein composition. Find the one that matches your goals and will help you with good functioning of your body.

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What is protein?

Protein is a nutrient that is one of the basic building blocks of our bodies. They are one of the three basic macronutrients along with fat and carbohydrates. Proteins participate in the building of our muscle tissues. They are therefore essential elements for confirmed athletes, amateurs or in the case of a diet for non-sportsmen.

Their intake in the body is essential. A diet too low in protein leads to the reduction of lean mass and therefore muscle. They also participate in the growth, renewal and restoration of other tissues of the body (hair, nails, skin ...). Proteins also help in the proper functioning of the immune system.

Protein also contains the amino acids that will help the body repair damaged cells. When digesting proteins, the body must break them down into amino acids in order to assimilate them. In case of insufficiency, the amino acids can no longer be synthesized, the body will then draw on the proteins present in the muscles to feed itself. This protein deficiency will therefore lead to muscle wasting of the body which is not good for anyone, sportsman, sedentary, senior, etc.

The body is able to produce most of the amino acids on its own, nevertheless some of them must necessarily be provided by the diet. In particular, taking protein supplements helps to provide its missing amino acids.

Protein can be used in a variety of ways.

Protein can be from animal sources (red/white meat, fish, eggs...) or vegetable sources (soy, peas, rice, beans...). The characteristics of the former are a better digestibility and a richer content in amino acids. On the other hand, some vegetable proteins have a limited amino acid content. It is therefore important to ensure that you mix several sources of plant protein to provide the body with the necessary quantities of amino acids.

Protein, for whom?

When you practice sports, your nutritional requirements increase. People practicing sports activities cause degradation in their muscle fibers. Therefore, an intake of protein supplements is necessary in the diet in order to repair the musclesand ensure the needs of the body. Nutrients useful for protein intake are present in the common diet, but some are found only in small amounts. Therefore, we would need to eat some non-standard amounts of certain foods to meet our needs for regular training. An addition of QNT protein to your diet will help you meet your needs in a convenient and tasty way.

Taking protein is not just for people wanting to gain muscle mass. In fact, its regular intake is also recommended in slimming diets or for good muscle maintenance. There are several reasons for this: proteins are low in calories, they curb your appetite, their digestion is slower and therefore the feeling of satiety lasts longer. They will also help you maintain muscle fitness and provide energy.

QNT offers a wide range of proteins, the choice of which will vary depending on your goals, needs and tastes.

The ease of using protein as a dietary supplement is due to its practicality. QNT's various protein lines are available in various forms: powder, shake and snack that make them easy to consume. Another important advantage of protein supplements is the preparation time. Indeed, preparing a protein shake takes only a few moments and provides your muscles with all the protein they need. Did you say convenient? QNT offers ready-to-use protein consumables.

Protein and sport : what's the right choice ?

  • Whey concentrate

This protein contains all of the amino acids our bodies need, giving it its title of protein star. It is derived from whey protein and contains very little fat and sugar. Its assimilation is very easy for the body and is very digestible. It is the ideal ally for your muscular development.

  • Whey Isolate

About whey protein, isolate is an ultra-filtered whey protein. It is the purest protein and has the most complete aminogram. Verylow in sugar and free of lactose, it is the most digestible protein source. It is ideal for dry mass gain, weight loss programs or for perfect recovery after exercise.

  • Vegan protein

    This protein is perfect for people following a vegetarian, vegan or lactose-intolerant diet. Derived from products fromplant sources, it is as effective as proteins from animal sources. At QNT, it is made from pea and rice proteins, it contains all the amino acids that will lead to protein synthesis. Vegan protein will help you tone and build your muscles. Also take great care to compensate for the lack of animal matter in your diet with a suitable vitamin and mineral supplement.


    The special feature of this protein is its slower assimilation of amino acids in the body. Its long-lasting expansion contributes to muscle metabolism and muscle maintenance. Casein therefore prevents the body from running out of protein and drawing on muscle tissue. It is advisable to take it during long periods of rest to avoid muscle catabolism. Sportsmen and women use it regularly in the evening to ensure muscle maintenance during sleep.

    The gainer

    The gainer is designed for people wanting to gain mass. With a composition rich in proteins and carbohydrates, the gainer will be your best ally if your objective is weight gain. Its formulation will help you reach your calorie surplus and gain mass. Be careful, this product is ideal for those who have difficulty gaining weight, but for others, you need to check the number of calories your body needs every day. .

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