Dietetic proteins

Protein is an essential component for building muscle. It is important to consume enough of it to maintain muscle mass or to gain muscle mass.

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Eating well is important to keep your body performing at its best, whether in sport or simply in everyday life. Dietary proteins are a low-sugar, low-fat supplement. This formula allows you to consume the proteins you need for your body to function properly, and also provides the supplements you need to develop as an athlete.

An effective enriched protein!

Skinny Protein is first and foremost a delicious product that is very pleasant to drink. The hardest thing about going on a diet is depriving yourself of the little pleasures that make you feel good. With Skinny Protein, not only can you give your body protein without having to take in too many calories, but its formula also contains carnitine for fat mobilisation and collagen for improved tissue elasticity. The B vitamins present in Skinny Protein will also help to assimilate the proteins, making it an effective yet tasty product.

How can you not get bored of the taste of protein powder?

Light digest whey protein is the product to include as part of a healthy diet. Its low-sugar, low-fat formula makes it the ideal supplement for a long-term diet. More than just the perfect ingredient to get results, Light digest comes in 11 different flavours, each better than the last, so you'll never get bored of the taste of your food.

If you're not sure you like a particular flavour, you can order single doses for testing. These doses are also available in packs of 10 so you can take your favourite supplements on the road.