Vitamins & minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that your body needs in order to compensate for the lack due to the diet that does not always provide a sufficient supply. Our supplements contain vitamins and minerals in high concentrations. They allow you to strengthen the immune system and fill up on energy and vitality.

What are the benefits of vitamins and minerals?

Vitamins are essential nutrients that allow you to boost our immune system and fill up on vitality. Minerals are also essential to the body. Nevertheless, acquiring all the vitamins and minerals needed to be fit first thing in the morning is not always obvious via the daily diet. Some foods would have to be eaten in enormous proportions, even if you were to take care to eat a varied and balanced diet. This is why taking a supplement rich in vitamins and minerals provides incomparable help in order to benefit from all the useful nutrients to fill up on vitality.

Vitamins and minerals will help boost your immune system by providing the body with the elements it needs to strengthen itself. In addition, vitamins and minerals support the normal functioning of the nervous system also have antioxidant properties that allow you to deal with the free radicals that constantly attack your body. Our vitamin and mineral rich supplements are also very easily digestible and offer to fill up on the nutritional values required daily.

Our vitamin and mineral supplements

The Daily Vitamins allows you to find all the necessary vitamins and minerals to counteract the deficiencies of the daily diet. This supplement is notably composed of vitamins A, B, C, D and E which will act in synergy to allow a strengthening of the immune system in addition to fighting against oxidative stress.

The Calcium - Magnesium - Zinc complex is composed of 3 minerals with essential benefits for the body. They will have a major impact on the maintenance of a good general bone structure as well as on the muscles. Therefore, they will also support the proper functioning of the immune system.

The Joint + supplement provides general support to joints and cartilage. By maintaining the production of connective tissue, this supplement promotes resistance to compression. It helps to maintain joint flexibility and will reduce the risk of muscle and joint inflammation. This supplement is enriched in particular with calcium and vitamin D, which will participate in the maintenance of bone capital.

The supplement Magnesium + Vit. B contains a high content of magnesium, a mineral with many benefits for the body.Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and maintain normal muscle function. In addition, this supplement is enriched with B vitamins. The latter promotes the absorption of magnesium. The combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 is ideal for preserving the immune system.

The combination of amino acids and vitamins that make up BCAA + Vit. B6 is ideal for optimal recovery and maintenance of the immune system. Amino acids aid in protein synthesis and therefore promote muscle development. The addition of vitamin B6 which contributes to energy metabolism will increase the general tone of the body. This supplement is the ideal ally to refuel and reduce temporary fatigue while providing support to the muscles and immune system.