Amino Load Punch | 12 x 500 ml

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  • Contains 16 g of protein per serving
  • 18 amino acids
  • Maintains and develops muscles

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Amino Load | 12 x 500 ml

Are you looking for a refreshing drink with the perfect quantity of high quality amino acids and whey proteins? Try Amino Load, a red-fruit drink containing 16 g of pure whey protein isolate and a blend of carbohydrates presenting a high biological value. This delicious drink rich in amino acids will contribute to maintaining and building your muscles. Its many benefits will help you reach your goals, whatever they are.

Perfect during a workout or at any time during your day, you can easily carry this drink anywhere with you. Amino Load was created for sportspeople or active people, and offers the perfect ingredients to help you recover, as well as maintain and build your muscle mass. Based on a powerful formula, Amino Load will support you during all your workouts, even the most intense.

A wealth of amino acids

When you drink Amino Load, you absorb 18 amino acids that play an essential role in muscular growth and recovery. It is important to get the necessary amount because proteins are made of amino acids. They support muscular recovery and it is thus important to absorb them alongside any physical activity where muscles are put under high stress.

You can find amino acids in various quantities in your daily meals. Unfortunately, your body only retains the quantity of amino acids that is necessary for its normal functioning. As a consequence, that quantity is likely to be insufficient if you practice a sport or if you are an active person. When you work out, your need for amino acids increases. Therefore, Amino Load, with its perfect combination of amino acids, can be the solution that meets this requirement.

A drink rich in BCAA

Amino Load has a high BCAA content with an ideal ratio of 2:1:1. These essential amino acids include L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. The ratio means that there is twice the amount of L-Leucine, the amino acid that triggers the synthesis of proteins. The main mission of BCAA is to boost muscle growth and help reduce muscle aches. Indeed, we can sometimes feel sore after a workout. The action of BCAA in the body will help reduce any muscular discomfort (cramps, pain, etc.) by alleviating the degradation of proteins during a workout. Adding BCAA to your routine will allow you to work out more frequently and for longer periods.

Proteins to enhance your performance

The Amino Load drink is made of 16 g of protein. Essential for the body, this nutrient contributes to building muscles. During a workout, your muscles are under heavy stress and suffer from micro tears. In order for them to recover, get toned and grow, it is essential for you to drink up many proteins.

The protein found in Amino Load is exclusively made of whey protein isolate, coming from the Metapure. This protein is ultra-filtered through a high-end manufacturing process and is ideal for sportspeople and active people who wish to build and maintain their muscle mass. With a biological value superior to average, this protein is the purest on the market and will act as the perfect support to building and maintaining muscles. Amino Load is thus the perfect partner to support you when you work out and will help you reach your goals.

1 bottle daily between meals.