• 92% Protein Casein | 750 g
  • 92% Protein Casein | 750 g
  • 92% Protein Casein | 750 g
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  • 92% Protein Casein | 750 g
  • 92% Protein Casein | 750 g
  • 92% Protein Casein | 750 g

Protein 92 Casein Chocolate | 750 g

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  • 87% protein.
  • Minimum 121 kcal per serving.
  • Low in sugar and fats.
  • Combination of micellar casein and calcium caseinate.
  • Protein with slow digestion

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92% Protein Casein | 750 g
Protein 92 Casein | 750 g

Protein 92 is a casein composed of micellar casein and calcium caseinate which assist in the maintenance of muscle. It contains 92% of ultra filtered and very pure protein. Because of its complex manufacturing process that renders this protein slowly digestible by the body. Its ultrafilterness makes it very creamy and very easy to consume. Available in chocolate or vanilla flavour, Protein 92 Casein formula has a very low sugar and fat content and is rich in Vitamin B. This protein is perfect for muscle development.

Protein 92, a casein with an optimal composition

The special characteristic of casein is its slow absorption in the body. This allows it to circulate continuously in the body which therefore helps maintain muscle mass. Protein 92 is an ideal protein for muscle development while promoting better recovery. Composed of calcium caseinate and micellar casein, this formula contains the essential ingredients for maintaining muscle mass. With 92% protein and almost zero carbohydrates and fats, Protein 92 is suitable for any seasoned athletes or beginners.

In addition, Protein 92 is a casein made of micellar casein which is a protein at its most purest form since it has not been processed. Having undergone no processing, this protein is very wholesome and has high bioavailability. It is combined with calcium caseinate, which is a casein filtered at high temperature This is an ideal combination with micellar casein, because it boosts the digestion of amino acids. The mixture of these two caseins in Protein 92 assists in slow and sustained digestion in the body. The impact of this digestion will help improve metabolism in the muscles.

In addition to being the perfect combination of micellar casein and calcium caseinate, Protein 92 also contains a complex of B vitamins. These vitamins are important for their role in the metabolism of muscle development and maintenance.

Its slow absorption in the body is ideal for facilitating muscle regeneration which is ideal for muscle development. If you want to lose weight, Protein 92 casein can also be your ally. As it is low in calories, it also has a high protein content and properties which gives the feeling of satiety. In addition, its low sugar and fat formula makes Protein 92 the ideal supplement to combine with your weight loss programme because of its role in the maintenance of your lean mass while eliminating fat mass.

When to partake Protein 92 Casein?

Composed of calcium caseinate and micellar casein, the intake of this casein with a 92% protein content is best in the evening or between meals. Thanks to its filtering process and unique composition, it offers a slower digestion in the body. It is therefore preferable to consume it during those times when the body absorbs only very few nutrients. It is during these moments that the maintenance of muscle mass can be affected. This is why it is important to ensure that the body is supplied with the necessary proteins to maintain muscle mass.

In addition, its high protein content and slow absorption gives a feeling of satiety which therefore delays the feeling of hunger which can hinder muscle development. Casein also facilitates recovery, which is why it is recommended to consume it before going to sleep in order to fight against muscle breakdown. Protein 92 Casein can also be taken between two well-spaced out meals or at breakfast time. It is during these long periods of time that this casein will ensure the maintenance of muscular mass by favouring the intake of protein over a longer period of time.

Protein 92 which augments recovery and a slower digestion of protein is the perfect casein to help you attain your objectives whether its muscle mass development or weight loss.

Mix daily 2 full scoops of 30 g with 500 ml of water or milk. Do not exceed.

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