L-Carnitine Immunity Water Lime | 12 x 500 ml

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  • Zero Sugar
  • Supports the immune system
  • Contains 750 mg of Vitamin C

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L-Carnitine Immunity Water | 12 x 500 ml

Do you want a thirst-quenching drink that offers more than just hydration? Discover our Immunity Water, a water-based drink enriched with vitamins and minerals. Don’t hesitate to enjoy the benefits of refreshing Immunity Water available in two savory flavors of lime and raspberry. Furthermore, it is enriched with vitamin C which can give your immune system a boost.

An action that strengthens the immune system

Did you know that 60% of the human body is made up of water? This is why a supply of water is essential for the well-being and proper functioning of the body. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, Immunity Water provides you with optimal hydration thanks to its ingredients. Its practical format makes it easy for you to take it everywhere. Drinking it throughout the day, you will be able to benefit from its action on the body at any time.

Immunity Water is a carbonated water drink that contains 750 mg of vitamin C as well as vitamin D3. Their high concentration allows you to reap all the nutritional values. Immunity Water also contains selenium and zinc, minerals that will enhance the benefits of this drink. The main effect of this brand new drink with antioxidant properties is to help you strengthen your immune system.

Water and the human body

Water is the basis of all food and can do wonders. Vital for the body, water enriched with vitamins and minerals from Immunity Water is a stimulant that boosts immunity. Everyone needs to drink water for the proper functioning of the body. The body uses up water everyday, whether you are exercising, walking or simply digesting. Water helps maintain body functions and normal temperature, which is why hydration is essential. When you are dehydrated, you have a greater tendency to damage your immune system and organs. Immunity Water will help strengthen your immune system.

Did you know that the brain is 75% water? That's why keeping it hydrated is so important. Immunity Water provides you with optimal hydration to ensure that your brain functions are maintained in the best possible way. Immunity Water will uplift your mood and boosts your attention span and memory.

Immunity Water is the ideal drink for a healthy lifestyle. It provides constant regulation of the organs by helping to absorb nutrients and ensure their circulation in the blood. For example, this is how Immunity Water will help you to transport proteins to your muscles and also to protect your joints. It works within the body to keep you hydrated while helping the body to stimulate the immune system by eliminating bad bacteria. Immunity Water drink will also keep your heart hydrated and contribute to good cardio-vascular maintenance.

Ingredients that strengthen the immune system

Immunity water contains 750 mg of vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system by acting as a support for the body's natural defences, namely white blood cells. Its antioxidant action prevents free radicals from causing cellular damage and also helps reduce fatigue by providing a significant energy boost to the body. Vitamin C in Immunity Water acts as the ideal ally to help you strengthen your immune system against external aggressions.

Immunity water also includes all the required nutritional values of vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin. The addition of this highly bioavailable vitamin will enhance the immune system's response by stimulating the production of antibodies. Its action also helps to preserve a normal skeleton and improve muscle function. It will help you fight against fatigue and muscular inflammation while improving better recovery.

Finally, Immunity Water is enriched with zinc and selenium. These two minerals are involved in many metabolic processes and play an essential role in the body's immune system. Their effects will increase the action of vitamin C by stimulating the production of antibodies and strengthening the immune system. In addition, the zinc and selenium included in Immunity Water are super antioxidants that will allow a better resistance against infections. Wait no longer and enjoy all the benefits of Immunity Water for your body.

1 bottle/day.