• 40% Protein Crunchy Bar, healthy bar
  • 40% Protein Crunchy Bar, healthy bar
  • 40% Protein Crunchy Bar
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  • 40% Protein Crunchy Bar, healthy bar
  • 40% Protein Crunchy Bar, healthy bar
  • 40% Protein Crunchy Bar

40% Protein Crunchy Bar Chocolate | 12 x 65 g

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  • €2.80 per bar
  • 26g of protein per bar
  • Gluten-free chocolate coating
  • Very low in sugar: 0.8g per bar

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40% Protein Crunchy Bar, healthy bar
40% Protein Crunchy Bar | 12 x 65 g

At QNT, we know you're always looking to push your limits. That's why each Crunchy Bar is designed to support you towards your ideal form, with a composition meant to boost your performance and recovery. Here's what each 65g bar brings to you, so you can shine even brighter:

Pure Energy: With 233 kcal, this bar gives you the necessary boost to face your sports and daily challenges.

Mental Agility: With only 16.3g of carbohydrates and a tiny 0.8g of sugars, it keeps your focus sharp without weighing down your digestion.

Resistance: The 8.5g of fibers support your intestinal health and overall well-being goals.

Muscle Power: With an incredible content of 26g of proteins, this bar is your ally in sculpting and repairing your muscles after effort.

40% Protein Crunchy Bar is a delicious protein bar that, in addition to providing a tasty crunchy sensation, brings 26g of a clever mix of proteins: beef, whey, and soy, the ideal blend to provide the body with complementary and varied protein sources.

It contains the necessary carbohydrates for the body's energy nutrition, but very little sugar for good glycemic control.

It contains very little fat.

Available in chocolate or strawberry cream flavor, this crunchy bar will delight everyone's taste buds!

The Metapure 40% Crunchy Bar is much more than just a protein bar. It's a revolution in the world of healthy snacks, designed for those who do not want to choose between pleasure and performance. With 26g of protein per bar, it is the ideal companion for all athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those in search of a better version of themselves. Here's why it should be your next snack choice:

An Unmatched Trio of Proteins

The Metapure 40% Crunchy Bar stands out with its unique blend of beef, whey, and soy proteins, offering a complete profile of essential amino acids. This clever mix ensures optimal absorption and balanced nutrition for your muscles, promoting recovery and muscle growth. Whether you're looking to increase muscle mass, tone up, or simply maintain an active lifestyle, this bar is your best ally.

Sustainable Energy, Without the Sugar Overload

Designed to support your energy without compromising your glycemic management, the Metapure 40% Crunchy Bar contains the necessary carbohydrates to propel you through your workouts and busy days. With very little sugar, it avoids undesirable glycemic spikes, allowing you to stay focused and energetic, without the energy dips experienced after consuming traditional sugary snacks.

Low in Fats

Unlike many snack options on the market, our Crunchy Bar maintains a very low fat content. This means you can enjoy a bar (or two!) without worrying about adding unnecessary fats to your diet. It's the perfect choice for those monitoring their fat intake but don't want to sacrifice taste or the quality of their nutrition.

Flavors That Delight the Taste Buds

Available in two exquisite flavors - intense chocolate and strawberry cream - every bite of the Metapure 40% Crunchy Bar is a true taste explosion. The satisfying crunch combined with these rich flavors makes this bar a delicious option for anyone looking to indulge while staying true to their fitness and health goals.

Why Choose the Metapure 40% Crunchy Bar?

Rich in proteins: Perfect for muscle recovery and growth support.

Low in sugars: Ideal for sustainable energy without glycemic spikes.

Low in fats: Suitable for a controlled-fat diet.

Delicious flavors: For guilt-free pleasure. Whether you're on your way to the gym, between meetings, or simply looking for a healthy snack, the Metapure 40% Crunchy Bar is here to support you in your quest for well-being and performance. It's the perfect choice for those who believe that pleasure and performance are compatible, one bite at a time.

Even included in your dietary program, you can rejoice and savor a tasty 40% Protein Crunchy Bar without considering this pleasure as a deviation.

The 65g size and convenient format are perfect for a snack that can be taken anywhere and eaten at work, school, during hikes, or outdoor sports. Its tasty flavor makes it a real alternative to ordinary snacks, but without the high content of fats and sugars usually associated with them. To stay in shape while indulging, here is the snack you're looking for. Consuming a 40% Protein Crunchy Bar is smart indulgence!

For both the athlete and the active person, the benefits of consuming a high-protein, low-sugar snack are numerous.

Proteins contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass, a key factor for anyone looking to improve their performance.

The low sugar content is beneficial as it limits glycemic spikes, which are associated with many adverse health effects. In addition to an interesting nutritional contribution, this bar provides an energy boost that will help keep up the pace, whether in training or everyday life.

You're going to love this crunchy bar!

Preferably between meals or after a workout.

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By (Luxembourg, Luxembourg) on  19 Apr. 2024 40% Protein Crunchy Bar | 12 x 65 g

Feel the richness

You are doing your body a favor if you eat this after an intense sports session, and you can feel it!
When I travel, I eat only half by half, it is very rich and filling which makes it very economic. Great product