• Protein shake protein food supplement
  • Protein shake protein food supplement
  • Protein shake protein food supplement
  • Protein shake protein food supplement
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  • Protein shake protein food supplement
  • Protein shake protein food supplement
  • Protein shake protein food supplement
  • Protein shake protein food supplement

Protein Shake Glass Bottle Vanilla | 12 x 500 ml

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  • 53 g of protein per bottle!
  • Muscle mass development
  • Recovery after training
  • High intake of proteins and sugars


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Protein shake protein food supplement
Protein Shake Glass Bottle | 12 x 500 ml

The QNT protein shake stands out as a premium dietary supplement, specifically designed for athletes and anyone looking to optimize their muscle mass. This product, made from carefully selected ingredients, aims to provide nutritional support tailored to the demands of the most intense workouts.

Unique Composition.

Our protein shake derives its protein richness from a high-quality skimmed milk base, enriched with milk protein. This composition ensures optimal nutrient assimilation, thus promoting the muscle development desired by athletes.

The Whey Protein: A Muscular Asset

The presence of whey protein in our shake effectively contributes to the repair and growth of muscle fibers. Known for its high biological value, whey is a key element for anyone looking to increase their daily protein intake.

Energy Contribution.

In addition to its richness in proteins, our shake incorporates a mix of sugars specially selected for their quick assimilation by the body. This feature makes it the ideal supplement to recharge energy reserves immediately after effort, thus supporting effective and rapid recovery.

Ideal for Recovery and Mass Gain.

Whether it's to recover after a particularly demanding training session or to ensure an adequate caloric intake as part of a mass gain, our protein shake presents itself as the ideal choice. Its balanced formulation in proteins and sugars makes it a precious ally for all athletes wishing to optimize their recovery and promote muscle development.

In summary, the QNT protein shake is much more than just a dietary supplement; it's a complete solution, thought and developed to accompany athletes in their quest for performance and physical well-being. Its unique composition, combining enriched skimmed milk, whey protein, and a mix of sugars, makes it an essential product for those who take their training and recovery seriously.

The QNT protein shake represents an advanced nutritional solution, designed to meet the specific needs of athletes and individuals seeking to improve their physical condition. This dietary supplement stands out for several key benefits that make it a preferred choice for those looking to optimize their recovery and muscle development.

Fast and Effective Protein Source.

The liquid formula of the protein shake ensures immediate availability of proteins, facilitating rapid assimilation by the body. This characteristic is crucial to start the muscle repair process right after effort, making the protein shake particularly effective for supporting post-training recovery.

53 g of Proteins.

An intake of 53 grams of proteins in a product such as a protein shake represents a significant contribution to the daily diet, especially for athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone aiming to improve their body composition and physical performances. This substantial amount of proteins plays an essential role in various biological processes, including muscle repair and growth, recovery after effort, and maintaining overall good health.

Strategic Sugar Contribution.

In addition to its optimal protein profile, our shake incorporates a mix of sugars carefully chosen for their ability to provide a quickly usable energy source by the body. This protein-sugar combination is essential for optimal recovery, allowing both to replenish energy reserves and support the muscle repair and growth process.

Pleasure and Variety of Flavors.

Aware that taste pleasure is an important factor in the choice of a dietary supplement, QNT has developed its protein shake in several delicious flavors. Each flavor is designed to offer a pleasant taste experience, turning the consumption of your protein shake into a true moment of pleasure. This variety allows for changing pleasures and avoiding the monotony often associated with regular consumption of protein supplements.

Conservation and Consumption Tips.

To fully enjoy the benefits and flavors of our protein shake, we recommend keeping it cool and consuming it within 24 hours of opening. This practice not only guarantees the preservation of the product's nutritional qualities but also maximizes its taste, ensuring a most satisfying consumption experience.

Choosing the QNT protein shake means opting for a fast and effective source of proteins and sugars, while also enjoying the pleasure of varied and delicious flavors. It's a wise choice for all those who take their recovery and muscle development seriously, without compromising on taste pleasure.

The QNT protein shake is designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of a wide range of individuals, from high-level athletes to fitness enthusiasts, to those simply looking to improve their body composition. Its rich formulation in proteins and sugars makes it particularly suited to various contexts of use.

Ideal for Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts.

For athletes and individuals engaging in intense physical activity, the protein shake offers first-rate nutritional support. The proteins it contains are essential for the repair and growth of muscle fibers, while the quick sugars help to replenish depleted energy reserves during effort. This combination is crucial for improving recovery and optimizing future performances.

For Those Looking to Gain Mass.

Individuals wishing to gain mass will find in the protein shake a valuable ally. By providing a dense source of high-quality proteins, it helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis, a key factor in muscle development. Moreover, the presence of sugars contributes to increasing the total caloric intake, thus supporting mass gain objectives.

Helps with Satiety Management.

The protein shake can also play a role in satiety management, thanks to its balanced intake of proteins and sugars. This feature makes it useful for those looking to control their weight or follow a specific diet plan. By helping to maintain a longer feeling of fullness, it can contribute to reducing overall caloric intake and promoting a healthy body composition.

When to Consume the Protein Shake?

The ideal time to consume the protein shake varies according to individual goals. For muscle recovery, it is recommended to take it immediately after training, when muscles are particularly receptive to nutrients. For mass gain, it can be consumed between meals as an additional source of proteins and calories. Finally, for satiety management, a shake in the morning or midday can help control appetite and avoid snacking.

The QNT protein shake is a versatile dietary supplement, suitable for a variety of users and situations. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performances, someone eager to gain muscle mass, or someone who simply wishes to maintain a balanced diet, the protein shake can help you achieve your health

Take one just after training, to help you recover better. If you're short of time in the morning, it can also be taken with cereals for a complete breakfast. However, it's important to remember that food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet; include it in a suitable diet.