AAKG | 100 Tabs

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  • Muscle support
  • Promotes muscle congestion
  • Helps in muscle growthh
  • Optimizes recovery and strength

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AAKG | 100 Tabs

AAKG is a supplement intended for anyone practicing sport. It is a blend of L-Arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate. The combination of these two elements makes this supplement a precursor of nitric oxide (NO) which will help improve the oxygen supply in the muscles. With a concentration of 4000 mg of AAKG, this supplement with high bioavailability will help you attain your goals. It will promote muscle growth, congestion and reduce fatigue for better sports performance.

What is AAKG?

AAKG is a supplement that combines L-Arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate. The association between this amino acid and this ketonic acid, which is involved in energy production, makes this supplement one of the best nitrogen transport agents. The combination of AAKG gives it optimal assimilation and a much faster rate of absorption than the L-Arginine form alone. AAKG is a precursor of nitrogen monoxide also known as nitric oxide (NO) and creatine. The combination of these two elements makes it possible to amplify and enhance their benefits so that you can enjoy them quicker.

A precursor to nitric oxide, the action of AAKG will cause the blood vessels in the body to dilate. By helping to increase the production of nitric oxide, AAKG will improve blood circulation. The body cells will thus be better oxygenated and the transport of nutrients better facilitated. AAKG will then amplify the effects of your workouts by increasing your performance and promoting congestion for effective workouts, even those at high intensity.

What are the benefits of AAKG?

AAKG allows better blood oxygenation by increasing blood flow. This supplement also improves the supply of nutrients to the muscles, which will stimulate muscle growth. Better circulation within the muscles will contribute to muscular growth thanks to the increase in strength and endurance possible by the absorption of AAKG. Furthermore, another effect of AAKG in the body is to help stimulate protein synthesis, nutrients ideal for muscle development.

By helping to increase nitric oxide levels, AAKG will help dilate blood vessels. This action will result in better blood flow for optimal muscle congestion. You will then be able to feel better sensations in your muscles during your workout. By improving blood circulation, AAKG will also help lower blood pressure and contribute to the improvement in the cardiovascular system.

AAKG also has a positive impact on amino acids by limiting their loss in the blood. As the need for amino acids increases during workout sessions because of their usefulness in various metabolic processes, their presence promotes better recovery and post-workout muscle regeneration. The higher intake of oxygen and nutrients created by AAKG will also help to delay the effects of fatigue by promoting quick recovery and improving performance. Its rapid assimilation will allow you to do more intense workouts, helping you to increase your strength as well as your muscle mass.

AAKG is for whom?

Because of its many benefits, AAKG is intended for everyone who practices sports. Whether you are an amateur or experienced athlete, taking AAKG will help increase nitrogen oxide production, which is beneficial for muscle growth, congestion and recovery. Consumption of this supplement is ideal if you practice a sport that requires strength or endurance. Available in convenient tablet form, AAKG 4000 mg has high bioavailability. To benefit from the many benefits of this supplement, you just need to take 4 tablets per day, 30 minutes before your workout. Wait no longer to attain your goals by enjoying the benefits of AAKG on your muscles and your performance.

Take 4 tabs with water 30 minutes before workout

/4 tabs /100 g
AAKG (L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) 4000 mg 50 g

AAKG, bulking agents: E460i/E1201, anti-caking agents: E470b/E551, coating agents: E1521/E553b/E1203.

This food supplement should not be used to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of life. Keep away from young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.