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Matrix BCAA 4800 | 200 Tabs

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  • Helps reduce muscle soreness
  • Extreme anti-catabolic effect
  • Muscle recovery and tonicity
  • Micronized formula for faster absorption

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amino acids sport
Matrix BCAA 4800 | 200 Tabs

Matrix BCAA 4800 from QNT is positioned as a genuine revolution in the world of food supplements. Designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, this product embodies innovation and effectiveness.

Advanced formulation for Optimal Performance

The formulation of Matrix BCAA 4800 is the result of in-depth research and cutting-edge expertise. The blend of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, three essential amino acids, is optimised to ensure maximum effectiveness. Enriched with vitamin B6, this supplement ensures better absorption and optimal use of amino acids by your body.

Practical and easy to use.

One of the major advantages of Matrix BCAA 4800 is its practical form. The tablets are designed to be easy to consume, allowing you to incorporate this supplement into your daily routine effortlessly. Whether you're on the go, at the gym or at home, Matrix BCAA 4800 adapts to your active lifestyle.

Maximised Muscle Recovery and Growth.

Matrix BCAA 4800 is your ideal partner for optimised post-workout recovery and maximised muscle growth. It works by supporting the repair of muscle fibres damaged during exercise, accelerating recovery and promoting the growth of stronger, more resilient muscles.

For All Athletes, Professionals and Amateurs.

Whether you're a top athlete or a passionate amateur, Matrix BCAA 4800 is designed to suit all fitness levels. It meets the specific needs of every athlete, helping to maintain and develop muscle quality, whatever your level of experience or personal goals.

An Essential Ally for Your Performance.

Matrix BCAA 4800 isn't just a supplement; it's an essential ally in your quest for physical performance and well-being. It represents a strategic choice for those aiming for excellence in their discipline, offering a complete solution for recovery, muscle growth and general fitness improvement. Matrix BCAA 4800 from QNT is much more than just a dietary supplement. It is a complete solution, thought and designed for demanding athletes and fitness enthusiasts, who are looking to push their limits and reach new heights in their physical performance.

The BCAA , or branched-chain amino acids, represent a fundamental component in the field of sport and bodybuilding. Their role is essential for muscle recovery and growth, making them essential elements for any serious athlete.

Muscle Builders

BCAAs are made up of three essential amino acids: L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. These amino acids are the muscle builders par excellence. They are directly involved in muscle protein synthesis, helping to repair and build muscle tissue after exercise.

Matrix BCAA 4800: The Perfect Balance

Matrix BCAA 4800 offers a perfect balance of these essential amino acids. The precisely calibrated dosage guarantees maximum effectiveness, allowing your body to benefit fully from their properties. It's the ideal formula for those looking to optimise recovery and maximise muscle growth.

Enriched with Vitamin B6 for Optimal Absorption.

The vitamin B6 enrichment in Matrix BCAA 4800 is not trivial. This vitamin plays a crucial role in protein and amino acid metabolism, improving your body's absorption and use of BCAAs. This translates into increased efficiency and faster results.

An Ally for Every Workout.

Whether you're in a mass gain phase, a dry phase, or simply looking for better recovery, Matrix BCAA 4800 is the perfect ally. It adapts to all types of training and all objectives, providing you with the support you need to achieve your goals. you need energy and concentration. In short, BCAAs, and particularly Matrix BCAA 4800, are powerful tools in any sportsman's arsenal. They are much more than just supplements; they are an integral part of a complete fitness strategy, enabling you to achieve previously unattainable levels of performance and recovery.

Matrix BCAA 4800 is designed to be your companion before and after every workout. By consuming it just before and just after your session, you support your immune system, reduce fatigue and prepare to attack your next training set with all your energy. At the end of your workout, it's your post-workout shaker that comes into play, helping to strengthen and repair your muscles. Consume just before and just after your session,

Matrix BCAA 4800 will help you through intense sessions by supporting your immune system and reducing fatigue. Then you'll be ready to attack your next training run with all your energy. These new tablets have been designed to be convenient and highly concentrated in BCAAs and vitamin B6. So you can easily consume them with a little water and regularly before and after your workouts, at a rate of 3 tablets per intake.

This is a more than essential dietary supplement for regular sportsmen and women in all disciplines. With 6 tablets consumed around your training, Matrix BCAA provides 4800 mg of BCAAs with a 2:1:1 ratio and 2.4 mg of vitamin B6 to stimulate your energy metabolism and reduce fatigue

Matrix BCAA 4800 plays a crucial role well beyond periods of intense physical activity. This supplement is a major ally, even during rest or recovery phases, by actively contributing to muscle protein synthesis.

Continuous Muscle Support.

One of the biggest challenges for any sportsperson is maintaining muscle mass during periods of inactivity, whether due to injury, lack of time or a planned break. Matrix BCAA 4800 meets this challenge by providing a constant supply of BCAAs, essential for minimising muscle loss.

Protein Synthesis Booster.

The BCAAs in Matrix BCAA 4800 stimulate protein synthesis in muscles, a vital process for muscle repair and growth. This stimulation is crucial, not only after training, but also during periods without physical activity. It ensures effective conservation of muscle mass, even in the absence of exercise.

Maintaining a healthy metabolism.

By promoting protein synthesis and the maintenance of muscle mass, Matrix BCAA 4800 plays an important role in maintaining a healthy metabolism. An efficient metabolism is essential not only for weight management, but also for overall health, helping to regulate essential bodily processes.

Limiting Fat Gain.

Well-maintained muscle mass through effective protein synthesis helps to limit fat gain. By maintaining a high level of muscle mass, your body burns more calories, even at rest, contributing to better weight management and optimal body composition.

A supplement for all phases.

Whether you're in an active training phase or a resting period, Matrix BCAA 4800 is an essential supplement. It ensures your muscles receive the support they need to stay strong and ready for the return to physical activity, allowing you to return to training in peak condition. Matrix BCAA 4800 isn't just a supplement for moments of intense effort; it's a constant support for the health and vitality of your muscles. It ensures efficient protein synthesis, essential for maintaining muscle mass, a healthy metabolism and optimal body weight management.

Practicality is at the heart of Matrix BCAA 4800. These new tablets are designed to be easy to consume with a little water, allowing you to easily incorporate them into your training routine. With a high concentration of BCAAs and vitamin B6, these tablets are more than a dietary supplement, they are an essential element for any hard-working sportsman or sportswoman in any discipline.

One of the major benefits of Matrix BCAA 4800 is its ability to significantly reduce post-workout soreness and cramping. This is a major advantage, especially for those who don't train regularly and may suffer from post-workout soreness. By preserving the integrity of muscle fibres and reducing fatigue, Matrix BCAA 4800 allows you to perform more intensive and frequent sessions.

To get the most out of Matrix BCAA 4800, we recommend taking 3 tablets a day, before and after training. This simple routine will fit easily into your training programme and allow you to maximise your results, whether you're in the middle of preparation or in the recovery phase.

Take 3 tabs before and after workout.

/3 tabs /100 g
L-Leucine 1200 mg 36363 mg
L-Valine 600 mg 18180 mg
L-Isoleucine 600 mg 18180 mg
Vit. B6 1,2 mg 36,3 mg

BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine), anti-caking agents: E341/E551, bulking agent: E470b, vit. B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride).

This food supplement should not be used to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of life. Keep away from young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.