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Fat Burner | 90 Caps

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  • Promotes the burning of fat
  • Helps control weight
  • Stimulates basal metabolism

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Fat Burner | 90 Caps

Burner is the ideal fat burner for all active people. This supplement combines a set of ingredients with active principles that act in synergy to obtain optimal results. Its instant action allows you to burn a maximum of fat, while providing you with a feeling of satiety and, at the same time, giving you a boost of energy. This fat burner will help you lose weight effectively by giving you the most satisfying results.

Its unparalleled effectiveness is because of its highly developed formula. Apple pectin which is the main ingredient of this fat burner will capture the fats present in the body. For this reason, this supplement is also ideal to use with a weight loss program because of its longer lasting effects and support for better digestion. Furthermore, the most important advantage is that it provides a feeling of satiety. Therefore, Burner is an ideal hunger suppressor on top of its action on fats. While you’re burning fat, it prevents you from increasing your fat intake.

Because of its large quantities of guarana, Burner will give you a boost which allows you to counteract the effects of fatigue. In fact, the active ingredients of guarana have stimulating and energizing properties. Thanks to these benefits, guarana stimulates the metabolism and activates fat burning.

Burner also contains L-Carnitine. This element made of two essential amino acids stimulates fat burning. Their consequential effect on fatty acids makes this ingredient a great accomplice for anyone wishing to. The effect of L-Carnitine in the body is to accelerate and improve the transport of fatty acids to the cells. This action which favors the burning of fats also allows the improvement of the circulation of oxygen in the blood. This improvement of blood circulation permits you to eliminate moments of temporary fatigue.

Taking Burner helps stimulate your metabolism. By activating it, you will use up more energy, which will promote weight loss. This supplement will help you restore your energy balance by helping you use more than you take in. Striving for an uniformed energy balance is not always easy because of our current lifestyle and daily diet. As a matter of fact, Fat Burner will help you eliminate these stored fats.

Burner is the ideal fat burner to optimize the fat burning process. First, it does this by activating the metabolism through the mobilization of fats. Then, it burns stocks of fat which prevents the body from storing them. Finally, it reduces the feeling of hunger by increasing satiety. These are the various active principles found in Burner capsules which promote mobilization of fat and help burn them.

Besides acting as an ultra-efficient fat burner, this fat burner also acts as an appetite suppressant. Since the unnecessary storage of fats is often essentially due to a feeling of unfulfilled hunger, this factor makes this supplement a very appreciated partner of a weight loss program. The reinforcement of the feeling of satiety is not the only advantage of taking Burner. It also contains stimulating ingredients that will help reduce the moments of fatigue throughout the day. Because of its particular effectiveness, Burner will help you reach your goals thanks to its optimal impact on fat burning.

Take 1 capsule daily between meals. Do not exceed.

/1 cap /100 g
Guarana extract 320 mg 28,88 g
- Caffeine 70 mg 6,35 g
Apple pectin 250 mg 22,56 g
Hydroxycitric acid 200 mg 18,05 g
L-Carnitine 100 mg 9,03 g
Dandelion extract 50 mg 4,51 g
L-Tyrosine 50 mg 4,51 g
L-Phenylalanine 20 mg 1,80 g
Chromium (*15%) 6 µg 540 µg
*Nutritional reference value

Guarana extract (22% caffeine), apple pectin, hydroxycitric acid, gelatine, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, dandelion extract, L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine, chromium picolinate.

This food supplement should not be used to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of life. Keep away from young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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