• Hydravol - Pre-workout - 300 g
  • Hydravol - Pre workout - 300 g
  • Hydravol - Preworkout - 300 g
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  • Hydravol - Pre-workout - 300 g
  • Hydravol - Pre workout - 300 g
  • Hydravol - Preworkout - 300 g

Hydravol Pre Workout Lemon/Lime | 300 g

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  • Increases muscle strength and endurance
  • Rapid muscle congestion
  • Improves performance during intense training sessions
  • 30 servings

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Hydravol - Pre-workout - 300 g
Hydravol Pre Workout | 300 g

This new extra concentrated pre-workout from QNT contains a complex blend of ingredients for a more intense workout. HYDRAVOL is an extremely explosive sugar free blend of cleverly mixed active ingredients. This powerful boost provided by this cutting-edge pre-workout will propel you into an intense and sustained training.

The pre-workout should be taken about 30 minutes before a relatively intense workout in which your muscles will be pushed to its maximum capacity. It will help you to work on your strength, energy and endurance and at the same time contribute to improving your performance during the workout sessions. To do this, the pre-workout will increase your nitric oxide (NO) secretion, creating optimal congestion and vasodilation. It will boost your energy through the intake of, caffeine and vitamins. Creatine and arginine then act on your muscular strength.

It is recommended to use HYDRAVOL during intense and relatively long training sessions (lasting more than 45 minutes). It is particularly suitable for workouts indoors on a machine or with free weights. However, it is not useful for slow cardio or any other workout that uses little muscle.

Hydravol boosts endurance

One of the main effects of Hydravol is its impact on your blood circulation. This will in particular be stimulated by the production of nitric oxide in the body which will directly act on the dilation of your blood vessels. This also allows nutrients to circulate better in your muscles, eliminate waste products more quickly and increase the oxygen supply for intense and sustained effort.

This will therefore logically allow you to workout longer during your sessions while maintaining an almost constant level of strength. In particular, it allows you to add one or two more repetitions per exercise for the same load - which constitutes a huge improvement for the muscle. HYDRAVOL will therefore allow you to go the distance in your workouts while continuing to progress, even during difficult periods when you tend to stagnate or feel more tired.

Finally, HYDRAVOL also acts on post-training recovery. The dilation of the blood vessels allows a greater supply of nutrients to the muscles, which are better "nourished" and therefore regenerate better after your workout sessions.

Hydravol boosts energy

Boosting your energy is one of the main functions of a pre-workout. In particular, it helps reduce your fatigue and keep you going throughout your workout without having to slow down. Therefore, HYDRAVOL will allow you to avoid a drop in intensity in the middle of your workout and to maintain your energy without losing concentration. Thanks to the action of caffeine, you will already feel more dynamic and motivated from the very beginning of your workout session, especially if you are very sensitive to its effects. It is caffeine that also improves your concentration. Beta-Alanine will also help to boost your energy level and delay the feeling of muscle burning. This will allow you to train more intensely and especially longer.

Hydravol boosts muscular strength

By increasing your energy, endurance and concentration, your strength will indirectly improve. Caffeine as well as taurine will help you increase your concentration and reactivity, which make you more powerful. The improved supply of oxygen and nutrients will also go a long way in helping you build more strength during exercise. In addition, Hydravol is enriched with creatine, which is extremely useful for strength and short intense efforts especially found in body building. Finally, considering taking a pre-workout in which the amount of sugar is minimal or even non-existent.

HYDRAVOL : An optimal composition

The complex composition of HYDRAVOL has been expertly put together to obtain optimal results during exercise. Moreover, HYDRAVOL does not contain added sugar, which is a very important characteristic of quality pre-workouts. It is particularly enriched with vitamin B6 and B12 which come into play in energy metabolism and which reinforce the effectiveness of the pre-workout. Combined to creatine and taurine, we obtain ingredients in perfect synergy to improve your energy system.

You have to have the right timing. As the absorption and the effects of the product take place at least 20 minutes after consuming it, it is already too late to take your pre-workout after arriving at the gym. Since the body adapts and renders the effects less noticeable, avoid taking it before each workout. We advise you to reserve it for the most intense sessions (workouts involving the legs rather than arms for example). If you take it too often, the body will need larger doses of caffeine, which will tire you and make the effect counter-productive. There is no need to overdose yourself. As an overdose can cause the desired opposite effect, leaving you to feel very uncomfortable.

Mix daily 10 g in 250 ml of water. Do not exceed.