Guarana Kick 2000 mg Sour Coffee | 12 x 80 ml

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  • Super concentrated caffeine/guarana formula
  • Increased energy and focus
  • Zero sugar

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Guarana Kick 2000 mg | 12 x 80 ml

QNT GUARANA KICK is a zero sugar food supplement with high caffeine and guarana content, that can help all active people to go brilliantly through the challenges of everyday life. Whether you are an active person and need an extra boost to brilliantly complete your daily tasks, an athlete going to the gym or the sports field after a full day at work or a professional sportsman looking for that extra edge, this is the right product for you!

The highly concentrated formula of QNT GUARANA KICK contains caffeine and guarana extract, a tropical herbal ingredient that has been used for centuries by the indians of the Amazon forest for its fantastic properties.

QNT GUARANA KICK comes in a small, easy to carry package that allows anybody to use it anywhere, any time of the day. It has been created with a simple but very effective formula and a delicious bitter coffee flavour. You can try it in the morning with your breakfast to kick start your day, or you can take it in the afternoon to help you finish a particularly hard task. Used right before your workouts like a simple but effective pre-workout supplement, whenever you feel the need of that extra boost, it will help you achieve your most ambitious goals, thanks to the properties of its active ingredients. The extremely low calorie content, makes it suitable also for people on a very strict diet, that can take advantage from its beneficial effects without worrying about any extra calories.

Due to the stimulant effects of caffeine and Guarana, we recommend to limit the use of this supplement in the late afternoon or in the evening, to avoid sleep problems. This is particularly important if you are also a coffee drinker, because the caffeine content of the coffee sums up with the stimulants of this food supplement.

Before exercise or during the day. Do not use at least 4 hours before sleeping