• Protéine vegan
  • Protéine vegan

Vegan protein bar with L-carnitine Chocolate Mandarin | 28 x 40g

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  • €2 per bar
  • 25% protein per bar
  • 64mg of L-Carnitine per bar
  • Gluten-free chocolate coating

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Protéine vegan
Vegan protein bar with L-carnitine | 28 x 40g

Vegan protein bar with l-carnitine is a delicious, completely vegan protein bar made from pea, rice and soya proteins. As well as providing a tasty crunchy sensation, it provides 10g of a clever blend of proteins, ideal for providing the body with complementary and varied sources of plant protein. It contains few carbohydrates and little fat.

Coated in dark chocolate, available in chocolate-mandarin or raspberry-brownie flavour, 2 original tastes that will delight everyone's taste buds.

First of all, if you're vegan, it's a pleasant way to give your body the protein it needs and also give a feeling of pleasure without feeling guilty. It's a truly balanced snack, as it contains quality proteins (rice, soya, peas), carbohydrates and good fats.

Protein helps to maintain and grow muscle mass, a key factor for anyone wanting to improve their performance.

As well as an interesting nutritional contribution that is totally plant-based, this bar provides an energy boost that will help you keep up the pace, whether in training or in everyday life.

A little Vegan Protein Bar in your sports bag is a delicious and profitable snack. A pleasant dose of protein after or before training, or at another time of day when you can't manage your meal. Its great taste makes it a pleasant snack at any time of day!

The Carnitine that this tasty bar contains also helps to mobilise fat for better recovery and energy.

Even when included in your diet programme, you can look forward to and enjoy a tasty Vegan Protein Bar without considering this pleasure a deviation.

The 40g size and practical format are perfect for a snack that can be taken anywhere and eaten at work, at school, while hiking or during outdoor sports. Their great taste makes them a real alternative to ordinary snacks, but without the high fat and sugar content usually associated with them. To stay fit while indulging yourself, this is the snack you've been looking for. Vegan Protein Bar is all about indulging intelligently!

For athletes and active people alike, the benefits of consuming a protein-rich snack are numerous.

Preferably between meals or after training.