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Eroxa | 90 Caps vegan

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  • Helps to stimulate sexual desire
  • Helps maintain high levels of testosterone in the blood
  • Helps maintains endurance

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Eroxa | 90 Caps vegan

Why take the Eroxa supplement ?

Eroxa is the dietary supplement that contains all the natural ingredients to stimulate sexual desire. For both men and women, it helps ensure an optimal level of natural testosterone in the bloodstream. Even though women produce 20 to 30 times less testosterone than men, this hormone plays an important role, as it is often referred to as the "hormone of desire". Because of its complex formula containing ingredients in just the right blend, this supplement will help you stimulate significantly your sexual appetite.

Thanks to its stimulating and beneficial effects on your libido, this dietary supplement will help you maintain your endurance and physical performance. Acting as a testosterone stimulator, its intake should be limited to a few weeks or months. Eroxa is the ideal natural partner to help you build your steel confidence.

Eroxa to boost your testosterone levels

This dietary supplement includes ingredients that are useful for your body to maintain optimal levels of testosterone in the bloodstream. Continuously maintaining this level will help stimulate your desire while improving your level of endurance and reducing your level of fatigue. The testosterone secreted in men and women has many benefits for our bodies which will be reflected externally. This hormone will notably act on the nervous system by helping you to decrease your level of stress and anxiety.

By maintaining an optimal testosterone level in the blood, the dietary supplement Eroxa will also stimulate your sexual desire. It is by boosting the production of blood cells in the metabolism that your physical energy will see itself increased by tenfold. Thanks to the ingredients contained in Eroxa, you will gain endurance, strength and vitality. The expertly blended complex of this supplement can also have an impact on your mind by helping you gain self-confidence as well. Eroxa is the ideal partner to cope with the decline in sexual desire, but also to counteract the effects of hormonal imbalances.

Moreover, Eroxa can also act on your muscles. In fact, there is an undeniable link between the level of testosterone present in the body and muscle growth. The more your level of testosterone in your blood is optimized, the better the environment will be ideal for your muscle development. It is this relationship that will also help you improve your performance.

Ingredients for optimal desire

Eroxa is rich in extracts of maca, a plant from the Peruvian Andes where it has been used for its many virtues for thousands of years. The main advantage of this plant living in a difficult environment is its natural aphrodisiac property. This plant indeed plays a role in the hormonal system in both men and women. Eroxa contains extracts of maca that have been naturally sun-dried, allowing you to benefit from its advantages in the best possible way. As maca not only affects your libido, it will also boost your energy to help you increase your endurance and performance. In addition, maca can also improve fertility and helps fight the negative effects of menopause.

The other strong ingredient in Eroxa is damiana. This plant with aphrodisiac properties also comes from South America. Its use recommended by the Mayas, this plant has many benefits on sexual desire. It is the active ingredient of this plant that will improve sexual health by stimulating the production of testosterone and blood circulation. The levels of testosterone maintained at an optimal rate support the increased level of desire and libido. Damiana also has a role in rebalancing hormonal disorders for better benefits on sexual abilities. Another of its actions on the body is the maintenance of constant energy, which allows for better recovery.

Finally, Eroxa also contains zinc and vitamin B3. Zinc is an essential mineral that has a role to play in the synthesis of hormones, including testosterone. This mineral also helps in improving fertility. The vitamin B3 contained in Eroxa is also involved in the synthesis of sex hormones such as testosterone, but also estrogen. In addition to acting on, among other things, the immune system, zinc and vitamin B3 are excellent allies for stimulating sexual capacities.

The supplement Eroxa therefore brings many benefits on sexual capacities. In addition to stimulating the sexual desire and the male and female libido, it reinforces the tonicity and vitality thanks to its energy supply. In addition to helping maintain sexual performance by promoting hormonal balance in women and men, it also has beneficial effects on mental well-being. Eroxa is ideal if you wish to take advantage of its benefits to stimulate your sexual desire.

2 capsules per day with water. Do not exceed. Consult your doctor or pharmacist in case of concomitant use of treatment against diabetes. Intake should be limited to a few weeks/months. 

2 caps
Dry extract of maca 500 mg
Damiana leaf dry extract 200 mg
Vit. B3 (Nicotinamide) (*300%) 48 mg
Zinc (*150%) 15 mg
*Nutritional reference values

Maca dry extract (Lepidium meyenii), capsule: E464/E407/E508, damian leaf dry extract (Turnera di?usa), maltodextrin, vit. B3, anti-caking agents: E470b/E551, zinc citrate, water.

This food supplement should not be used to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of life. Keep away from young children.

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