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Vegan Protein Chocolate Muffin | 500 g

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  • High protein content of peas and rice
  • Sugar free, lactose free and gluten free
  • 100% vegan

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Vegan protein
Vegan Protein | 500 g

Vegan Protein is ideal for vegetarians or vegans looking for a large quantity of quality certified soy-free, lactose-free and sugar-free protein. This protein powder contains only 73 calories per dose, making it very useful for people who want to lose weight or maintain it during a stabilization period. A true vegan alternative to traditional protein powders, our Vegan Protein will help you achieve your goals of muscle gain and weight loss through the strength of plants.

Vegan Protein : a creation of Mother Nature

Our Vegan Protein is derived from both pea and rice protein. Drawing this high quality vegetable protein from two different sources allows us to offer the best of both components, as well as creating a much higher biological value. Vegetable protein is excellent for the body, having both a high energy value and a composition of essential amino acids. Furthermore, unlike whey protein, Vegan Protein is lactose-free and hypoallergenic. As a result, it is extremely easy to digest and provides a protein that can be quickly synthesized by the body. This provides the body with a continuous flow of high-quality vegetable protein in a balanced and sustainable manner. The wonders of Nature will never cease to amaze you !

The vegetable protein will also help to obtain a longer feeling of satiety which consequently helps better manage the appetite. This protein treasure, fruit of nature's riches, is 100% sugar-free, lactose-free and gluten-free. Vegan Protein is therefore suitable for everyone, whether their goal to gain muscle mass by training at the gym or simply to follow a weight loss program. The very high quality pea and rice proteins present in Vegan Protein will provide your body with everything it needs for optimal balance and development.

Vegan Protein : 100% plant-based muscle development

Protein is the essential element for muscle contraction, growth and recovery. The amount of protein available in the body will therefore directly influence how the muscle will develop. The high quality pea and rice protein in Vegan Protein contains all the essential amino acids and is absorbed very quickly by the intestine, allowing you to make the most of the metabolic window that opens up after training. Thanks to these qualities, vegetable protein is one of the best contributors available to help stimulate muscle growth and is an excellent alternative to whey protein.

It is by synthesizing the protein available in the body that muscle fibers will grow and strengthen. With a high concentration of vegetable protein, very little carbohydrate and zero sugar added, Vegan Protein acts directly on the muscles to help them grow significantly. As part of a sporty and healthy lifestyle, its beneficial effects on muscle mass are increased tenfold.

Vegan Protein : a valuable ally for weight maintenance and loss

Pea and rice protein can also help to achieve amazing results in preserving lean body mass. It is now widely recognized that protein-based diets are not only very effective, but also have many metabolic benefits, such as reducing blood sugar levels and improving satiety. It will therefore contribute to a better and more stable body composition. Considered a complete protein, it has a 100% natural supply of amino acids that will maximize the results produced by training. Therefore, Vegan Protein is not only useful to help promote muscle growth, but also to help weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight.

Mix daily 1 scoop of 20 g with 250 ml of water

What our customers say

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By on  07 Nov. 2029 Vegan Protein | 500 g

I will definitely buy this product again!!

I just started light digest vegan a few weeks ago. I am very excited to feel better. It tastes wonderful I bought the berries and mixes well

By on  06 Nov. 2028 Vegan Protein | 500 g

Very healthy way to start

I like this light digest vegan as a meal replacement in the morning

By on  07 Nov. 2027 Vegan Protein | 500 g

Awesome taste with ingredients

I use the Light digest vegan vanilla macaroon in a smoothie

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