• Energel quick boost energy gel
  • Energel quick boost energy gel
  • Energel quick boost energy gel
  • Energel quick boost energy gel
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  • Energel quick boost energy gel
  • Energel quick boost energy gel
  • Energel quick boost energy gel
  • Energel quick boost energy gel

Energel Quick Boost Energy Gel Lemon/Lime | 25 x 55 ml

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  • Contains caffeine and guarana
  • Intense release of energy
  • Easy and fast absorption!"
  • Carbohydrates with rapid and slow absorption rates.


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Energel quick boost energy gel
Energel Quick Boost Energy Gel | 25 x 55 ml

Have you ever felt the need for a quick boost to help you reach your goals? Energel Quick Boost is the solution you've been waiting for. Thanks to its ideal formula, this energy gel will provide you with an energy supply during your efforts. With its high content of guarana and caffeine, this energy gel will strengthen you by increasing your carbohydrate intake during exertion. Don't wait any longer and take advantage of Energel's long-lasting energy now.

Why use Energel Quick Boost energy gel?

Energel is an energy gel composed of a mixture of fast and slow carbohydrates. Fast carbohydrates will quickly raise blood sugar levels, while slow sugars will raise them gradually. This blend of carbohydrates will provide you with an incredible dose of energy that you can take advantage of during your efforts.

In the competitive world of sports and endurance, every advantage counts. Energy gels have become essential elements in the athlete's arsenal. Energel Quick Boost is an energy gel concentrated in carbohydrates, designed to provide quick and efficient energy during physical exertion. It is particularly useful for athletes engaged in endurance activities such as cycling, running, and triathlon.

Carbohydrates are the allies of your performance and will help you achieve your goals by accompanying you throughout your efforts. Stored in the muscles and circulating through the blood, carbohydrates will help you maximize your performance. The carbohydrates present in the Energel energy gel will give you a real boost.

Furthermore, blood circulation will also allow the brain to supply itself with carbohydrates. The impact of these on the brain will trigger a shock effect that will help you feel in shape. The effect of glucose in the brain will allow you to reduce the feeling of fatigue.

Double Action Caffeine and Guarana

The contribution of guarana and caffeine will allow you to go even further in your training. When you think you have reached the end of your abilities, that's when the effectiveness of Energel will surprise you by providing you with a significant energy boost.

Vitamin B12

Finally, it also contains vitamin B12, which will contribute to normal energy metabolism. Energel is the energy gel that will allow you to maximize your performance and strengthen you thanks to its carbohydrate intake and the action of guarana and caffeine.

Two main sources of energy are used by the body: fats and carbohydrates. The former must be transformed by the body through metabolism to be used by the muscles. This process not taking place in a short period of time, it is a source of energy that is not instantly effective. On the other hand, carbohydrates have the ability to be directly used by the body to provide energy. Carbohydrate consumption is optimal during intense physical exertion. Indeed, the more significant the effort, the more energy released by the body will come from carbohydrates.

If carbohydrates are the ideal allies for your intense performances, their stock unfortunately only takes place in limited quantities in the muscles. Therefore, when you practice intense physical activity, the body will seek energy in carbohydrate stocks that are then quickly depleted. That's why the contribution of an energy gel is ideal for maintaining your carbohydrate stocks throughout your intense sports session. Taking Energel energy gel allows you to restore your carbohydrate reserves to provide you with continuous energy.

Presented in a compact, practical format that is easy to take with you everywhere, Energel is the essential energy gel to assist you in your moments of intense effort. To allow you to vary the pleasures, Energel is available in delicious forest fruit and lime flavors.

  • Just before training, Energel Quick Boost acts as the ideal complement to prepare your energy stocks.
  • During training, it provides the necessary boost to maintain an optimal energy level.

  • Don't take Energel Quick Boost too long before exertion, but just before so that carbohydrates are available during exertion.
  • Be careful if you're not burning enough calories; if your workout doesn't last long, you may accumulate excess calories.

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By (Pontevedra, Spain) on  10 Feb. 2024 Energel Quick Boost Energy Gel | 25 x 55 ml

Very efficient

Not extra as some other gels! Good taste and gives you what you need! 100% recommend it if you need and extra boost of energy in the middle of you workout, practice, game.