Energel Quick Boost Lemon/Lime | 25 x 55 ml

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  • Contains caffeine and guarana
  • Long lasting energy
  • Easy absorption

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Energel Quick Boost | 25 x 55 ml

Energel is a new type of energy shot containing a unique blend of carbohydrates (35g per shot), both fast and slow release (glucose, isomaltulose and fructose), giving you an amazing burst of energy. There is added caffeine and guarana to increase the benefits and allow for optimal and long lasting effects. Boost your sports training with Energel to increase your energy level which allows you to go even further and longer!

Quick and long lasting energy

Energel's mix of fast and slow absorption sugars will allow you to create energy levels quickly accessible for intense and immediate efforts and, at the same time long lasting, allowing you to do much longer training sessions without ever running out of physical endurance.

Caffeine and guarana

When you think that you've used up all your resources and capacities, that's when you will be surprised the most with the effects of Energel. Thanks to its formula enriched with caffeine (30g per shot) and guarana (50g per shot), your energy levels will keep you going even further than what you would have imagined!

Before or during training

Energel can be used before training if you wish to build energy levels in preparation for a long and intense session, or during training if you're feeling tired and need an extra boost that will keep you going. It's up to you how you use it, depending on your needs and preferences!

Take it wherever you need it!

Energel is an ideal source of energy thanks to its practical packaging which easily fits into a pocket or a bag. Take Energel wherever you go and you will never run out of energy!

Two delicious flavours

For those who like variety, Energel is available in two delicious flavours: Forest fruits and Lemon. Thanks to these fruity flavours, you will always want more!

One or more packets before or during exercise