Pro Shake Chocolate | 12 x 500 ml

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  • 50 g of protein per serving
  • Zero added sugar
  • Contains 9 g BCAA’s per serving

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Pro Shake | 12 x 500 ml

PRO SHAKE from QNT is a delicious milk shake with a high protein content (50 g per bottle). An ideal drink for all athletes looking to develop and maintain their muscle mass. With its 9 g of naturally sourced BCAA's, PRO SHAKE is the ideal nutritional supplement to consume between meals or after a training session. In addition, it contains no added sugar, which is particularly interesting for anyone on a low carbohydrate diet. Convenient to use and take everywhere, PRO SHAKE will quickly become the essential partner for your athletic prowess!

With a new formula redesigned for even more performance and taste, PRO SHAKE will provide you with all the proteins and amino acids (BCAA's) you need for a good recovery after an intense workout. Whether you are on a high-protein diet or building up your body mass, PRO SHAKE is suitable for all objectives and can be consumed throughout the day. Adopt this dietary supplement and take your results to the next level!

Pro Shake has a high protein content

Each bottle of PRO SHAKE contains 50g of protein, making this shake the perfect ally for all athletes looking to gain muscle mass or maintain their hard-won muscles. After training, muscle fibres that have been heavily stressed by an intense workout suffer micro-damage. In order to recover and completely repair the damage, they need a supply of protein to rebuild, solidify and gain mass. Consuming a bottle of PRO SHAKE right after training will easily provide all the proteins your muscles need to develop in the best conditions and avoid muscle catabolism.

Protein being the king nutrient for all sports enthusiasts, with the new PRO SHAKE formula you ensure a daily intake that will help you explode your performance goals. Made in Belgium with the highest quality ingredients, PRO SHAKE is the essential partner for your most demanding sports programmes.

Pro Shake is a natural source of BCAA's

A 500 ml bottle of PRO SHAKE also contains 9 g of natural source. BCAA's are essential amino acids that cannot be synthesised by the body. They must therefore be provided by the diet. They represent almost 30% of the proteins present in the muscles, and are therefore essential for a good recovery after an intensive effort. This new PRO SHAKE formula is therefore a qualitative and practical all-in-one which supports your progress at all levels. In addition, the BCAA's help to strongly reduce the aches and pains caused by strength and endurance training. For people who are not accustomed to training regularly, this is a considerable advantage against sometimes very painful aches and pains. BCAA therefore preserves the integrity of the muscle fibres and help to reduce post-training fatigue, allowing more intensive and frequent sessions.

Pro Shake is light and easy to digest

PRO SHAKE's effective formula contains no added sugar, making this creamy milkshake highly digestible and easy to consume between meals or after intense training. With no added sugar and less than 1g of fat per 500ml, this food supplement supports your sporting progress without burdening you with unwanted carbohydrates and fats. This ensures a supply of healthy and natural nutrients free of undesirable elements for better results. In addition, PRO SHAKE is available in 2 delicious flavours: vanilla and chocolate. Thanks to its creamy texture and irresistible taste, PRO SHAKE can be enjoyed with unrivalled pleasure. Complete your workout on a delicious sweet note!

Between meals or after an intense training session

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