• Prime Whey Protein | 2kg Belgian chocolate brownie
  • Prime Whey Protein | 2kg Belgian chocolate brownie
  • Prime Whey Protein | 2kg Belgian chocolate brownie
  • Prime Whey Protein | 2kg Belgian chocolate brownie
  • Prime Whey Protein | 2kg Belgian chocolate brownie
  • Prime Whey Protein | 2kg Belgian chocolate brownie

Prime Whey Protein Belgian chocolate brownie | 2 kg

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  • 84% protein!
  • Minimum 127 Kcal per serving.
  • Rich in BCAA.
  • Zero added sugar.
  • Contains whey isolate.
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Prime Whey Protein | 2kg Belgian chocolate brownie
Prime Whey Protein | 2 kg

A Nutrition Treasure for Demanding Athletes.

Prime Whey is not just a protein, it's a revolution in the world of sports nutrition. Designed for athletes who demand nothing less than excellence, this formula is a powerhouse of power and flavor. Naturally rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), Prime Whey is the foundation upon which you can build a strong and toned body. This new range is ideal for all strength sports and can be used in a rapid fat loss program. Whether you're a weightlifter, bodybuilder, runner, or simply someone looking to lose weight quickly, Prime Whey is your answer.

100% Whey Protein: Purity and Power.

With Prime Whey, you can be assured of pure and potent Whey Protein. Its high concentration of Whey Isolate means you get the best of protein without the unnecessary fats and carbs. This premium protein powder, with its complex formula, is designed to accompany you in all your sports goals. It helps you push yourself, break your personal records, and achieve heights you never thought possible.

An Explosion of Flavors, Unmatched Texture.

We have completely reinvented the flavors to offer you an unparalleled taste experience. With 8 delicious flavors, you will discover an intense taste and a texture that mixes perfectly with water or milk. Prime Whey is so tasty and easy to digest that you will look forward to your next shake. Its exceptional solubility guarantees lump-free consumption, redefining the pleasure of consuming proteins.

Development of Lean Muscle Mass.

Prime Whey is a powerful tool for developing lean muscle mass, which means well-defined muscles without excess fat. Its high-quality whey protein content makes it an indispensable ally for those looking to sculpt their bodies precisely and effectively. When it comes to building lean muscle mass, the quality of consumed protein is as important as the quantity. Prime Whey offers an optimal composition of essential amino acids (BCAA), which are the building blocks of muscles. These amino acids play a crucial role in muscle repair and growth, especially after intense workouts.

Rapid Absorption for Optimal Anabolic Window.

The whey protein in Prime Whey is known for its rapid absorption by the body. This quick absorption is essential to take advantage of the post-workout anabolic window, a key moment when muscles are particularly receptive to nutrients. By consuming Prime Whey after your workouts, you ensure your body receives an optimal supply of protein needed for effective muscle recovery.

Thermogenic Effect for Boosted Metabolism.

Furthermore, Prime Whey has a thermogenic effect, meaning it helps increase metabolism. A higher metabolism contributes to burning fat more efficiently, which is essential for developing lean muscle mass. By combining the consumption of Prime Whey with regular training and a balanced diet, you maximize your chances of sculpting your body optimally.

Low in Sugar and Fat for a Sculpted Body.

Finally, Prime Whey is low in sugar and fat, making it ideal for those looking to gain muscle while minimizing unwanted calorie intake. It mixes easily with water or milk, allowing easy integration into your daily diet, whether as a post-workout shake or a protein supplement throughout the day.

An Ally to Keep in Shape.

Prime Whey contains whey protein, a significant ally in the quest for a refined silhouette and lean body mass. Known for its effectiveness in protein diets, it offers multiple benefits for metabolism. Not only does it help reduce blood sugar levels, but it also improves the feeling of fullness. This allows you to maintain a balanced diet, avoiding untimely cravings.

Booster for an Ideal Body Composition.

In addition to these metabolic benefits, Prime Whey is a real booster for achieving an ideal body composition. It promotes the development of so-called"lean" muscle mass. By stimulating muscle growth without excessive sugar or carbs intake, it becomes a major asset in fat burning, especially during intensive workouts. Its richness in natural amino acids maximizes the results of your efforts, allowing you to sculpt your body more effectively.

Rapid and Effective Recovery after Training.

Muscle recovery is a key element in any training program. Prime Whey, with its high protein and essential amino acid content, is designed to optimize this process. It helps your muscles regenerate more quickly after exertion, maximizing the benefits of each workout.

Reducing Muscle Pain and Cramps.

The amino acids present in Prime Whey are also essential for reducing muscle pain and cramps often associated with intense workouts. By incorporating Prime Whey into your post-workout routine, you provide your body with the necessary nutrients for rapid and efficient recovery, allowing you to push your limits and continuously improve your performance.

What are proteins for?

Proteins for weight loss?

What is a protein?

Mix 2 heaping scoops of 30 g daily in 500 ml of water or skim milk, preferably in the morning, before bedtime, or after exercise. Do not exceed for maximum effectiveness.

Advantage of ordering in 2 kg: A lower price per quantity if you know your preferred flavor and don't want to change taste.

Prime Whey, more than just protein, is your coach for an exceptional body.

For more information, check out our article: What are proteins! Or simply What is a protein?

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By (HADERSLEV, Denmark) on  08 Sept. 2020 Prime Whey Protein | 2 kg


Maybe you could make them bigger than only 2 kg.

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