Why to take a pre-workout?

Nothing is more boring than starting a sports session without energy. Professionals or simple amateurs, both seek to optimize their physical performance by combining efficiency and quality. There is no miracle formula, a good night's sleep and a healthy and balanced diet are the keys to success. However, there are some clever little aids. Pre-workouts are one of them. How is this possible? Simple placebo or real gold in a bag? The answer in a few lines!

Far from being a simple marketing pretext

Creatine, L-Tyrosine or even beta alanine, under their names with scientific appearances, these are components known to be present in pre-workout. Obviously, these are not the only ones, there are a multitude of others present according to the different varieties of food supplements. In general, these components can be found just about everywhere in various foods but often due to lack of time (or laziness for some!), these are neglected.

Pre-workouts are then a huge time saver for people who are quite active, on the one hand thanks to their "all-in-one formula" type of food richness and on the other hand thanks to their more than simplistic use.

A powder with magical effects

Much like Popeye and his famous spinach, pre-workouts help improve performance during workouts by building endurance and strength, improving protein assimilation and muscle recovery or increasing focus and energy. In order not to be lost among all its effects, it is essential to know which capacity you want to boost. You will therefore have to ask yourself the right questions such as "I would like to have a better stimulation of the body or a better congestion?" or "I would like to feel a gain in my energy or endurance?"

The Pump RX Extra Concentred Pre-Workout allows for example, to improve its strength, muscle congestion, concentration and endurance at the same time. It is available only in Red Fruit flavor.

How to consume them?

It's important to plan and alternate phases with pre-workouts and without pre-workouts in a continuous, non-repetitive manner, similar to a good sports program, to avoid getting your body used to some of their effects. Another advantage of pre-workouts is that they come in different flavors. So these can be introduced into some recipes to break the boredom of a boring routine.

A little recipe idea

- 1 banana

- 20 grams oat powder

- 1 tablespoon peanut butter

- 30 cl of almond milk, skim milk or water

- 1 tablespoon of honey

- 1 scoop of pre-workout PUMP RX extra-concentrated

Pour the 30 cl of milk into a blender, mix in the powdered oats, banana and scoop. Blend everything together. Add the spoonfuls of honey and peanut butter. Remix the whole thing and enjoy!


This is it! You've finally decided to order your first pre-workout but before you eat it it's important to know what not to do!

a) Don't overdose your shaker

Doubling your milligram shaker doesn't necessarily mean you're going to double your athletic performance while playing your sport. That would be far too simple! To optimize the boosting effect of pre-workouts, it is important to find the dose that is neither too high nor too low. If the dose is deemed too low, you won't feel that adrenaline effect. If the dose is judged to be too high, the arousal will not be optimal which will make you numb and expose you to side effects.

b) Before, not after!

On your marks! Ready to go? What, you're already gone? Consuming a pre-workout during or after training is really not ideal since it would excite it from its primary role. The active ingredients that make up these supplements take an average of 15 to 60 minutes. Consuming them during your training will only boost you for the second part of your training. If you only consume them at the end, the boost effect will appear when you leave your gym, which you are certainly not looking for.

c) Avoid overly complex pre-workouts

Often, pre-workouts contain a lot of sugar, as do various foods found in big box stores. This sudden intake of sugar will create a blood sugar spike that will drop later on, creating a "sluggish" effect during your workouts. Sugar is also quite caloric, which is counterproductive to your personal goals. Also, check to see if the list of ingredients is too full. Focus only on agents that are known for their nutritional value. Pre-workouts have a tendency to try to sell the dream. Don't be fooled.

d) Eat before you use

If you are fasting, do not take a pre-workout. Also, it does not replace a meal but remains a simple complement. This kind of action will combine nausea and lack of concentration. Ideally, you should take it an hour before your workout after consuming a meal that is neither too light nor too heavy because it will tire your body since it has to digest what it has consumed. Pre-workout or no workout at all, after all? Pre-workouts aren't a quick fix. They prove to be useful if you combine it with a rich and varied diet. Thanks to its components, it will help you to improve your physical performance thanks to a gain of strength and energy. However, it is important to learn about the use and ingredients of pre-workout in order to avoid any problems and optimize its use.

Finally, these food supplements are intended for both beginners and advanced athletes. Ultimately, it only depends on you and your lifestyle.

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