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  • Guide for beginner.

    Guide for beginner.

    Starting to train is a new adventure. It also means listening to those who have experience and can help us to progress faster or better.

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  • Weight loss guide.

    Weight loss guide.

    Everyone would like to be lean and muscular. But nobody likes to diet. Yet every year dozens of magazines offer us the "ideal diet" 1 month before the holidays. Their slogan: "lose weight"!

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  • Guide to gaining muscle.

    Guide to gaining muscle.

    Muscle building can only be achieved by respecting certain principles: adapt your diet and adapt your training! We are not all equal. We will all react differently to a particular training programme and a particular diet. Get to know your differences so that you can make as few mistakes as possible.

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  • Nutritional programme.

    Nutritional programme.

    There's nothing easier than losing weight. The only difficult thing is making the decision. If you have a lot of weight to lose, it's often because you jump at the slightest worry about food. Which means you've got one more thing to worry about: your weight and the health problems that go with it.

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