Looking thinner but at a heavier weight? Is that possible?

It's not becoming light that we want! It's being pleasant to look at in the mirror! In fact, losing weight is not always a guarantee of convincing results, especially in the long term. As most gym-goers know, muscle weighs more than fat. It's a bit like the principle of a kilo of lead and a kilo of feathers: with a tiny mass of lead, you'll have a kilo, but to get the same with feathers, you'll need a very large and, above all, very bulky quantity!

Muscular toning and cardio

So what you want to lose is more volume, not weight. But you're going to tell me that all volume has a certain weight.... That's not wrong, but to lose volume, you sometimes have to accept putting on a bit of weight... at least at first. It's important to remember that what burns fat in your body is your muscle! That's because fat is just fuel, an energy reserve for the muscle. So if you put on a bit of muscle, and therefore a bit of weight, you'll have more capacity to burn fat! So, to be effective, you need to combine muscle toning with cardio. Stop doing endless cardio sessions! Work on your muscles to make them a little bigger and toned, so your cardio will be much more effective!

The importance of professional coaching

Don't be afraid to become as muscular as the professionals in the magazines either. To get there, they've had to work their asses off in training for years, follow a well-adapted diet to put on weight and take the right supplements. You risk nothing! What's more, if one day you find yourself too muscular, you should know that muscle is lost much more easily than fat. All you have to do is stop using it and it will slowly atrophy. As proof, if you've ever been in plaster, look at what's left of your muscle when the plaster is removed. It's melted!

Well, the day you find that you need to lose muscle, you'll find it a lot easier than losing your fatty tissue. So start one thing at a time and don't think too far ahead. Take the plunge and start with fat loss! Get help from professionals who know their stuff and can guide you! Not inexperienced coaches who promise you wonders... It's not possible! There are no secrets, you have to work hard to get results. Train well, eat well and above all be regular...

Good luck!

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