• Guide for beginner.

    Guide for beginner.

    Starting to train is a new adventure. It also means listening to those who have experience and can help us to progress faster or better.

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  • Weight loss guide.

    Weight loss guide.

    Everyone would like to be lean and muscular. But nobody likes to diet. Yet every year dozens of magazines offer us the "ideal diet" 1 month before the holidays. Their slogan: "lose weight"!

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  • Losing weight: basic concepts.

    Losing weight: basic concepts.

    Every year, just before the summer, magazine adverts for diets are a big hit. And every year, thousands of people flock to fitness centres and start a 'diet' in the hope of looking their best on the beach in July or August.

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  • Guide to gaining muscle.

    Guide to gaining muscle.

    Muscle building can only be achieved by respecting certain principles: adapt your diet and adapt your training! We are not all equal. We will all react differently to a particular training programme and a particular diet. Get to know your differences so that you can make as few mistakes as possible.

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  • QNT gets a makeover!

    QNT gets a makeover!

    On the occasion of the rebranding of QNT, a short FAQ was organised with the son of the founder, Alex Debecq! We asked him a few questions to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes!

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  • An internship at QNT.

    An internship at QNT.

    Hello there! In this article, you will discover QNT through the eyes of our 3 awesome interns (Los stagiooos as we used to call them). We had the chance to work with them in the digital marketing department in our Silversquare office for 3 months. We hope that their testimonial will give you a clearer idea of the possibilities offered to you as an intern in our team. We let you discover their experience through their exchanges in the following section!

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  • How to maximise your muscle recovery with the right nutrition.

    How to maximise your muscle recovery with the right nutrition.

    If you are a top athlete or simply a training enthusiast, you should know how well nutrition and weight training go together! It is therefore important to recover well after a training session.

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  • Sports nutrition: our article to understand everything.

    Sports nutrition: our article to understand everything.

    Nutrition is a fundamental aspect of bodybuilding and sports performance. Discover our article to know more about it!

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  • Amino acid, what is it ?

    Amino acid, what is it ?

    Amino acids are components of protein, a molecule that all athletes must know well! These amino acids have a very important role because our muscles and cells are composed of amino acids that maintain their structure.

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  • Collagen: An essential food supplement for your health.

    Collagen: An essential food supplement for your health.

    Collagen is a natural substance present in many parts of our body. Its benefits have been known for thousands of years. It is responsible for the cohesion of cells between them but also for the proper functioning of joints, the elasticity of the skin, its regeneration but also the health of bones and cartilage.

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  • Glutamine, what is it?

    Glutamine, what is it?

    L-glutamine, or more commonly known as Glutamine, is a non-essential amino acid found in very large quantities in the blood and muscles.

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  • Muscle loss after a long break: A reality?

    Muscle loss after a long break: A reality?

    When we go on vacation or when we are unable to train for a few months, we always tell ourselves that we will lose a lot of muscle because we will not be able to train for a long period of time, and sometimes we even have the impression that we are losing muscle at sight when we look in the mirror! But is this really true? Do we really lose muscle by not training for just a few weeks, or even a few months?

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