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  • Nutritional Programme Guide.

    Nutritional Programme Guide.

    There's nothing easier than losing weight. The only difficult thing is making the decision. If you have a lot of weight to lose, it's often because you jump at the slightest worry about food. Which means you've got one more thing to worry about: your weight and the health problems that go with it.

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  • Weight Loss Guide.

    Weight Loss Guide.

    Everyone would like to be lean and muscular. But nobody likes to diet. Yet every year dozens of magazines offer us the "ideal diet" 1 month before the holidays. Their slogan: "lose weight"!

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  • Losing weight: basic concepts.

    Losing weight: basic concepts.

    Every year, just before the summer, magazine adverts for diets are a big hit. And every year, thousands of people flock to fitness centres and start a 'diet' in the hope of looking their best on the beach in July or August.

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  • Common mistakes to avoid.

    Common mistakes to avoid.

    Try to vary your food, to bring different sources of protein and carbohydrates to your body. When you stop cutting and your body stops moving, it's time to change your diet.

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  • Ideas for dishes.

    Ideas for dishes.

    When you have the feeling that your stomach is never full with your diet, that you're always hungry, konjac is an interesting solution. This food comes from a plant grown in Asia and found here in the form of 0% rice or 0% pasta. It makes it possible to increase the volume of your meal without adding many calories. Konjac contains 3 calories per 100 grams.

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  • Necessary food supplements and vitamins.

    Necessary food supplements and vitamins.

    Many supplements can help you when you want to do cutting. However, always pay close attention to their calorie content. You'll need to take this into account in your diet. Also check whether they contain fast sugars, in which case they should be avoided (except after training, of course).

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  • Training programme.

    Training programme.

    Is it fair to say that training during a lean period is different from training during a bulking period? Basically, when you're bulking, you want to gain as much muscle as possible and put on as little fat as possible. During a dry period, you're also looking to gain, or rather not lose, muscle.

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