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  • 9 good reasons to do sport.

    9 good reasons to do sport.

    Sometimes the urge to exercise is not always there. And although we always tell ourselves that this year will finally be the right one to get back into it, it is sometimes difficult to leave the comfort of your home to go and train. However, even with minimal effort, sport can greatly improve your quality of life in many ways. The following 9 reasons should give you the motivation you need to get back into the swing of things!

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  • Discover how to take care of your faithful companion: your shaker!

    Discover how to take care of your faithful companion: your shaker!

    In your bag, in your hand, in your sink, it is everywhere! The shaker is an essential element of any good training. It allows you to consume different protein or vitamin mixes to help you progress during your sports sessions. You use it so many times that it is important to know how to maintain it. Discover in this article, how to pamper your shaker!

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  • Fasting and sport: 9 tips for training during Ramadan.

    Fasting and sport: 9 tips for training during Ramadan.

    Working out during Ramadan is not easy. Not eating from sunrise to sunset is a major challenge for athletes wishing to continue their activities. The body is weakened and it would be unrealistic to expect to achieve similar performances during the month of fasting. However, it is possible to continue to be active without incurring too many risks by respecting the following advice:

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  • Sport and sleep.

    Sport and sleep.

    The human being spends on average one third of his life sleeping. However, a large proportion of individuals continue to neglect sleep. For a sportsman, an increased quality of rest can be of an impressive benefit. But then, what are the habits to put in place and what are the benefits of improving the quality of sleep?

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  • Turn lockdown into a springboard to achieve your goals.

    Turn lockdown into a springboard to achieve your goals.

    On October 30, Belgium announced a six-week lockdown, which led to the closure of many establishments, including gyms. A complicated situation where doing sports is a real challenge. However, if staying at home becomes an obligation, there is no question of letting yourself go and abandoning your objectives. And why not take advantage of this free time to take even better care of yourself and your body and break your bad habits. It is important for our health to exercise and to take a moment...

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  • Back to school: our 6 tips for getting back into shape.

    Back to school: our 6 tips for getting back into shape.

    For the past few months, you have been adjusting to living with covid. The social distancing measures may have caused you to move less and go out of your house. As a result, you have given up sports and gained some weight. Next week is already back to school. So it's time to make the right decisions and lose those extra pounds. Here are our 6 tips to get back into shape and start the new school year.

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    In a sport such as fitness or bodybuilding, it is not uncommon to feel a drop in motivation. There is no direct goal, no points to score, so everything is about the feeling. We can often see adherents miss one or two weeks of training, but sometimes up to a year or two. The routine of such a sport does not help things. It is the repetition of the sessions that makes the result. So what if you lose all motivation to go to the gym?

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    Each profession has its own appropriate outfit: the doctor in a white coat, the soldier in uniform, the mason in a work uniform. In short, it is not so much to recognize them as for the practical and functional aspect that an outfit is associated with a profession.

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    Too often we hear that bodybuilding is not good for kids. That it prevents growth, that it’s bad for growth cartilages and would therefore better be avoided. Many gyms don’t accept children under 18 years old. Yet, what is bodybuilding, if not muscle training. And children muscles need to progress even more than those of adults.

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  • Leg workout.

    Leg workout.

    The muscles chain that makes up the thigh is the most powerful muscle region of the human body. The quadriceps and the gluteus maximus are the two most powerful muscles of this region, but they are also helped in most of their actions by the hamstring muscles, the adductors, the sartorius, the small and mid-glutes as well as by a series of internal postural muscles at the hip. In short, a large muscle mass to ensure the actions of the lower limbs.

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  • A real "six-pack"!

    A real "six-pack"!

    When was the last time you saw a male model without perfect abs? The famous "six-packs" ... Even women are becoming trendy with a six-pack. It has become a must in this world where “how you look” is the most important thing... This shows that you are young, fit and ready to make an effort to get what you want. In any case that's what many people think .. But is this really the case?

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  • How to train flexibility?

    How to train flexibility?

    The way to train flexibility is often highly controversial. Depending on the sports you practice, you work differently. A dancer and an athlete train differently, as well as a boxer and a gymnast. Everyone thinks they are right... but where is the truth?

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