How to preserve your joints?

We have a total of about 400 joints located throughout the body. It is therefore easy to understand why joint problems are quite common. You don't have to be an athlete to be affected by them, since with age, the cartilage that forms our joints ages along with us. Osteoarthritis is proof of this. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to repair the damage once the joints have been affected. It is therefore very important to maintain them before they become irreversible. In this article, you will discover 4 ways to preserve your joints!

1. Exercise every day

Practicing sports has always been ideal for health as it makes your body stronger and more resilient. However, it is important to do it well by taking the time to warm up your joints and by adopting a moderate sport practice. Swimming or walking are two very interesting sports, if done well. Sports practised on an elastic floor are also a good alternative. (Combat sports on tatami mats, running on grass, etc.)

2. Learn the movements and get the right equipment

Many people practice a sport in the wrong way and with the wrong equipment! It is therefore important to study and adapt your body type to your sport. Running, for example, seems to be a fairly easy sport to do, but you would be surprised how many people put their heel first on the ground with every stride. This puts enormous stress on the hips and knees. It is therefore important to correct your movement and simply learn to walk correctly. In addition, it is almost mandatory to get good equipment such as a pair of sports shoes that is in your size and has good soles: these will act as a physical shock absorber.

3. Keeping your figure

This may sound ironic but it is true! An overweight person is 4 times more likely to suffer from joint problems as their joints are under more strain as they are subjected to more weight. This pressure has quite a high impact on the lower part of the body (knee, ankle etc.) and can generate stretching or crushing of the cartilage.

4. Watch your diet

It is important to eat in a good way by adopting different food sources. Firstly, you can favour gentle cooking as this will reduce the formation of Maillard molecules which are bad for your cells. Then, you should avoid products containing fast sugars as these are acidic for the body and are therefore responsible for glycation, a reaction that reduces the resistance of tissues to mechanical stress.

Also, staying well hydrated is not to be neglected given that the cartilages of your joints are composed of 75% water! Finally, there are food supplements with miracle properties that can help you pamper your joints by reducing the risk of pathology and injury.

In conclusion

Despite their large number, it is important to preserve all your joints as the years go by since some damage to them can be irreversible. To do this, there are a few things you can do on a daily basis, such as exercising for an hour a day. It's all about discipline and routine!

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