How to manage the loss of libido?

Is your libido at half-mast lately? Your hormones and your daily life surely play a major role in this lack of desire. You will discover here our advices to face this lack of libido and manage it as well as possible.

Low libido

First of all what is meant by libido? Libido refers to the sexual desire in men and women. Each person has his own level, so this term is quite broad and specific to each. Libido is not something quantifiable and can vary according to different factors. There is no standard to measure it. There is no normal libido, but simply different levels of rhythm depending on the individual. This rhythm can then vary for the same person according to periods, because of or thanks to different factors.


Unfortunately, when the period is not so good, the search for sexual pleasure, the desire or the libido declines. Nevertheless, the loss of libido which can notably hinder the sexuality of your couple is not an end in itself. There are tips that can help you counter the lack of libido and the negative effects of this void on your sexuality. If the link between sex and sport is no longer to be proven, it remains to be seen what other factors promote libido. Loss of libido can be related to psychological, physical or hormonal disorders.


Libido and hormones

Libido is strongly correlated with hormonal secretions. In women, libido is at its peak when estrogen is at its highest, close to the ovulation period. Once this period is over, the level of progesterone increases in turn and will trigger a decrease in sexual appetite. Another hormone also plays a role in the variation of the level of desire in women, it is testosterone. Yes, women also produce this hormone with a very masculine accent. Present in small quantities (10x less than in men), this hormone synonymous with sexual power helps stimulate sexual desire, which let's remember is good for your health. 


Men's main sex hormone, testosterone has several roles within his body. It allows for the decrease or increase of blood cell production, and also has an impact on overall tone. Often referred to as the sex hormone par excellence because of its influence on libido, testosterone is produced by the gonads in men and the ovaries in women. If the quantities of testosterone production are not the same for women and men, their roles remain the same. Its deficiency can lead to a decrease in libido in addition to an increase in fatigue that will not help stimulate sexual appetite. 


Testosterone has many virtues. It plays a role on the nervous system by helping to reduce stress, anxiety. Its action in the body also facilitates the transport of oxygen and contributes to the good production of blood cells and thus of red blood cells. When the presence of the latter is maintained in number in the body, the circulation of blood is ensured and it is therefore the whole body that can benefit (including the heart, sex and consequently the libido).


Libido and Quality of Life

Quality of our daily life also impacts our sexuality. Diet, physical activity, and unfortunately age can have positive or negative consequences on the libido. Factors leading to stress will also impact sexual desire. 

Stress negatively impacts the libido. On the contrary, acting as a real vector of well-being, sexual activity is a perfect anti-stress. Indeed, stress causes an increase in the production of stress-related hormones. These will then block the production of sexual hormones, i.e. testosterone. Being an anaphrodisiac, it is important to reduce the factors that can lead to stress. Moreover, testosterone as well as sports can help reduce the feeling of stress. Fatigue can also decrease libido, so it's important to make sure you relax your mind and don't miss any hours of sleep. 

Practicing sports regularly allows for a healthier heart, better blood circulation, more endurance, being more relaxed, taking care of oneself, etc. The practice of a sport will therefore ensure the maintenance of energy and muscle tone. Maintaining an ideal physical condition can then bring you more self-confidence. Sport and testosterone also have a very close link. Sport is a perfect stimulant that promotes the release of testosterone. In addition, testosterone will stimulate the development of muscles. A healthier daily life will allow a better secretion of essential hormones for a libido at the top of its art. Finally, testosterone helps to stimulate the manufacture of red blood cells that will generate better recovery in addition to better performance.

Healthy sexual appetite

Libido is wanting to do good to yourself, to do good to others because love matters. It is the complexity of our nervous system that generates this search for stimulation and pleasure specific to humans. In humans, sex implies emotion and not simply the fact of reproducing. The libido tends to sexual activity which in turn gives us a general feeling of well-being. This is why we seek to regain a libido that brings us so many benefits. 

A dietary supplement can help provide you with all of the benefits you need to boost your libido by increasing your testosterone levels, in particular. It is thanks to its natural ingredients such as maca and damiana that the Eroxa supplement will help you build confidence and manage your loss of libido. The stimulating and beneficial effects of this supplement are going to help you reach an optimal level of testosterone. 

The generosity of the different herbs contained in the Eroxa supplement is going to have positive effects on the libido. Maca and damiana are plants that have properties with natural aphrodisiac effects. Coming from South America, they act on the hormonal systems and thus allow the improvement of the male and female sexual health. Consuming foods rich in zinc and vitamin D3 can also have a positive effect on libido. These ingredients, also present in the Eroxa supplement, will promote relaxation in addition to allowing for better testosterone release. 

Regular physical activity and a good night's sleep along with Eroxa will allow you to optimize your testosterone levels. By effectively stimulating your body, you will promote the release of testosterone and you will also regain all your tone and vitality. You will thus manage to regain your libido in addition to overflowing with well-being.

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