Is there a link between sex and sport?

Many have already asked questions about sex and sport. Most of the time, people want to be reassured by the many preconceived ideas about the subject. For a long time, we talk about bodybuilders with big muscles, a small sex and no brain. Where do these clichés come from? Is there some truth in it or is it only preconceived ideas?

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In the past, people who did not play sports often considered bodybuilders and those who watched photos of muscular men as homosexuals. The ideas have happily evolved and I don't think that admiring a muscular body can interfere with sexual identity.

On the other hand, the hypersexual look of "supermale" or "superfemale" can be confusing to an uninformed public. But all practitioners know that the practice of this sport is more a need, a "drug" than a sexual tool.

When a man thinks of changing his body to be able to seduce more women, he has to realize: Women can fantasize about a muscular body, but most do not really like a hypermuscled body. There are other criteria that they find attractive, such as personality, success, power, etc. However, if being more muscular can change the attitude and personality, then the six-packs can also help.

Another predominant preoccupation in all sports is the idea that sport reduces sexual performance and that sexual performance reduces athletic performance. Who has not heard of high-level athletes being asked for abstinence before a major competition? Supposedly to preserve their aggressiveness ... Opinions have always been divided on the subject, but currently, studies show that sexual abstinence would decrease testosterone levels after a certain period of time.

On the other hand, if the sporting performance was altered by sex, there would be no Olympic record beaten: At the last Olympics, 100,000 condoms were distributed to the athletes. We can therefore assume that sexual performances do not interfere with sports performance.

And the opposite? Do we think that a person who is training is not performing sexually? Hard training has consequences on the body, it is sure. Better heart, better irrigation (of the penis too), better endurance or resistance to the effort, more capacity to relax, more emotional stability. Stress being anaphrodisiac, the de-stressing effect of sport tends to give increased sexual performance. In short, common sense could suggest that a healthy body performs better than a body in bad shape. Studies on the subject tend to support this theory.

But when an athlete trains too much? What about his sexual performance? I think any athlete who is training too much is going through a phase called overtraining. A phase where his performance decreases and leads, inevitably towards the wound. At that time, I do not think that his performances, sports or sexual, really live up to his ambitions. Moreover, overtraining often plunges the athlete into fatigue and a state close to depression. What then? Resting, simply, try to maintain the results acquired and allow his body to regain its normal state. It is obvious that proper nutrition will also help you not to fall into this and that a supplement of vitamins and minerals will help your body to support harder workouts. 

There are also "abnormal" states. When an athlete takes anabolic steroids, he increases his testosterone level, so he develops, for a time, a kind of hypersexuality. But this condition is transient to the cure and if the athlete does not take care, he risks a hyposexuality after taking these products. In some cases, athletes did not have an erection for 6 months after the anabolic growth of anabolic products. It is perhaps from that that comes the idea of ​​hypertrophied muscle, small sex. Because these products are used for specific reasons in medicine and their effects at high doses are not always known.

For those who feel a little tired, on the desire side, it is possible and preferable to use known and natural products. Who has not heard of ginseng and Guarana? These 2 active substances are found in a product such as STACK FORCE T2. One has the reputation of activating desire and vivacity, the other circulation... A good combination. Zinc and butter are also known to activate testosterone.Finally, tribulus terristris is also known to stimulate the testosterone.

As with age, testosterone levels tend to decrease, boosting your body with workout, rest and a balanced diet will keep you healthy longer, and more effective. It is certain that the performance will not be the same as it was at 20 years old... But is it due to age or experience? Does the novelty tend to give a boost to sexuality? Does routine kill sexuality? These are good questions...

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