Zaour: Don't skip out on these must-do strength training exercises!

Whether you're new to musculation or not, there are certain exercises and movements you need to master in order to reach your goals and further develop your abilities. Discover the exercises that are a must from Zaour, sports coach and QNT ambassador.

With musculation comprising a multitude of exercises and variations, it's not always clear where to start to be effective. Ask yourself no more questions and instead follow Zaour's advice!

On the advice of his father, Zaour practiced several combat sports in his youth. At 19, he started fitness alongside judo to develop his strength. That's when he fell in love with the sport, which forced him to excel.

What motivates Zaour on a daily basis is becoming a better version of himself:"The challenge is not to do better than someone else, it's to do better than yesterday. My family and friends have high hopes for me, it helps me to excel." You guessed it, Zaour's ultimate advice for not getting demotivated is to "most importantly, don't compare yourself to others and be patient because it's a long haul."

Before his most exhausting sessions and if he needs a boost, Zaour uses the pre-workout PUMP RX: "It improves endurance and gives me energy when I need it! "

Dumbbell incline wrap

Warm up your shoulders by working your pectorals first. This exercise is effective for working the upper pectoral area and gaining mass. This mass gain won't be automatic, but it's best to focus on the areas that are going to give you trouble from the start!

During workouts, Zaour enjoys his BCAA with berries: "It's essential! They reduce fatigue and soreness."

Military bench press

Once the pecs are warmed up, we move on to the shoulders. This exercise works the anterior glutes and middle deltoids.

Biceps curl

This exercise will help you muscle your biceps as well as develop your forearms. The grip is very important. It is a must do exercise in musculation, mastering it will allow you to perform other exercises with more ease. Everything is connected!

Chest Vertical Pulling Pronation

This exercise is part of the polyarticular movements. It solicits the large round as well as the large back. With this machine, you do not take any risk of injury as it ensures correct movement. Choose loads at your level, according to your abilities, before venturing into the pull-ups that require you to be able to lift your own weight.

Leg press

Rather than starting with squats, which require mastery of impeccable technique, start by building up your legs with the press. It will particularly stimulate the quadriceps, but also the glutes, hamstrings, adductors and calves. This exercise works the muscles you use every day to climb stairs, stand up, etc.

Zaour trains six times a week, focusing each day on a specific muscle: "This gives me more of a feeling, it's how I work. I advise a beginner to train every other day maximum to start." For optimal recovery, Zaour chose the Metapure Whey Isolate with Belgian Chocolate: "I consume it twice a day. It allows for optimal muscle growth while limiting fatigue."

Are you interested in learning more about strength training and getting personalized attention? Get in touch with Zaour to start coaching sessions.

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