The benefits of vitamin D, why take it?

Vitamin D... If there is one substance that we miss the most during the winter, it is this one! Indeed, vitamin D is found in foods such as orange juice, different types of fish (salmon, sardines, herring,..) or egg yolk. However, if you are not a fan of these types of foods, you can always expose yourself to the sun's rays which is another source of vitamin D. Finally... when it's not the middle of winter!

What are the benefits?

Mainly, vitamin D helps strengthen your immune system to fight bacteria, viruses etc. Indeed, a vitamin D deficiency makes you more vulnerable to diseases, so it's not surprising that we get sick more often in winter!

There are also other benefits, such as the role it plays on your bones. Vitamin D strengthens your skeleton, which helps prevent fractures and weakened bones. Yes, it's not just calcium that is good for your bones!

To be more precise, vitamin D helps absorb calcium, so we recommend that you consume both at the same time! In the same vein, it slows down the aging of your bone mass and fights against osteoarthritis... This vitamin does a lot!"


  • As mentioned earlier, it is recommended that you take vitamin D during the winter, when the sun is no longer shining. Ideally, you should take it from October to March!
  • When you take a vitamin D supplement, it is recommended that you take it with your meal, as this allows it to bind directly to the fat in your food.
  • Don't consume too much! an excess of vitamin D can cause fatigue, headaches or even vomiting, so be careful with the dosage!"
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