Summer body edition for men: How to prepare your body?

Gentlemen ? The return of the sun and its warm rays are almost here! The degrees are slowly but surely rising, but what about your muscles? Ouch! It's been a long time since you last exercised? Don't panic! Even though it takes all year to prepare, in this article you will find some quick solutions that will allow you to show off your body on the beach!

Sport, your favourite ex-partner

You may have neglected it lately but it's time to get back to it because it's never too late! Try to free up an hour each day to do your physical exertion. If you have a gym membership, dust off your membership card and head to the gym. Get back into a calm rhythm to retrain your muscles for muscle stress.

If you don't have a membership or don't have too much time, running near the nearest park to your home has always been a good plan. Grab your headphones, a bottle of cool water, a good pair of shorts and a good pair of running shoes and get out there and get active! It will do you good physically and mentally.

If you're not too cardio but still want to get outside, try joining a park set up for street workout. There are multiple exercises to perform such as dips or even pull-ups using your body weight. Don't forget to bring protective gloves to improve your grip and avoid rubbing your palms. If the mention of bodyweight exercises made you smile because it was too easy for you, then get resistance bands or a weighted waistcoat to create extra difficulty. Also play with the number of sets, their length but also the tempo you give them during the eccentric and concentric phases.

Doing sport is good, eating well is better

No surprise, who says sport says nutrition since one does not go without the other. What you need to remember is that it is important to have a balanced nutritional diet by removing all unnecessary fats. Give priority to meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and starchy foods. The principle is to vary your nutritional intake as much as possible by getting it from several different sources. Don't forget, however, that it is important to calculate your daily calorie intake in order to keep track of it and to see it more clearly. Also, cut out sodas, cakes and other unnecessary sweets. However, from time to time, allow yourself to indulge. Too much restriction is the best way to give up. Learn to reward yourself when you need to, without causing abuse.

Finally, ban alcohol for a few months. Not only will alcohol reduce your physical performance, but on top of that, alcoholic drinks will make you gain weight. Indeed, alcohol is quite caloric, it also stores fat and creates a disruption of appetite and satiety, a storage of fat by the body and a disruption of appetite, everything you don't want! By not drinking for a short period of time, you allow yourself to lose a few kilos. If you are not very motivated by this idea, prefer non-alcoholic beers in order to stay in the theme and not feel excluded if you are with friends or at parties.

Be accompanied but well accompanied

Practicing sports alone can be a good thing if you are a loner by nature. On the other hand, if you are the more sociable type or simply not too motivated, it would be useful to form a social circle based on sport. The influence of a group on an individual has already been proven by various psychological studies, including one based on the Witness Effect experiment (containing the Kitty Genovese syndrome) conducted by John Darley and Bibb Latané in 1968. The ideas of a group of people are more likely to influence you for good or ill. Having a good sporting social circle quickly becomes an asset. What is really interesting is that you can motivate each other by reminding each other of things to do, by comparing your performances or by exchanging and communicating about your common goal: to do sport and to have a better body. Moreover, thanks to the technology around us, you can do all this remotely by using video conferencing software to recreate that atmosphere of mutual sports support that you find in all team sports or in the weight room.

Put all the elements on your side

Mark this new period by surrounding yourself with new material items that will boost your motivation. This could be a new pair of sports shoes you saw on social networks, a new training outfit you spotted on someone you passed in the centre of your town, an electronic gadget that will follow you during your intensive efforts or even buying food supplements that will make it easier for you to remember that your nutrition is important! In short, you will have understood, the most important thing is to create a little world of your own that will encourage you to go and do sport in order to reduce any lack of motivation.

Summer Body : The Keys to Effective Preparation

To achieve your summer body goal, it's essential to combine physical training with the right nutrition. But don't forget, the key to success lies in regularity and patience. Start by setting realistic, progressive goals. Rather than aiming for a radical transformation in record time, focus on constant, lasting improvements.

  • Integrate variety into your workouts: Don't limit yourself to one type of exercise. Combine cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises for a harmonious development of your body. Each type of training brings its own benefits: cardio for endurance and fat loss, weight training for strength and toning, and flexibility exercises for mobility and injury prevention.

  • Adapt your nutrition: Your diet should support your physical efforts. Opt for nutrient-rich foods, focusing on proteins for muscle repair, complex carbohydrates for energy, and good fats for general health. Don't forget the importance of hydration - water is essential for optimising your performance and recovery.

  • Get enough rest: Rest is just as important as training. Quality sleep allows your body to recover and rebuild itself. Don't neglect this crucial part of your summer body programme.

By following these tips, you'll be one step closer to your summer body goal. Remember, transformation is a journey, not a quick destination. With determination and perseverance, you'll be amazed at what your body is capable of.

In just a few lines...

No surprise, the summer body is not something you get overnight. However, this is no reason to go back to playing the console while enjoying a pizza! It is possible to improve your body and your appearance in a few weeks, but it must be done through intensive sports, good nutrition and a good lifestyle. It is recommended to use external elements to motivate you to do sport. Among these, buying a new pair of shoes or setting up a sports-based group of friends could help. Remember, anything you do now won't be made up for tomorrow so get to work!

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