Discover how to take care of your faithful companion: your shaker!

In your bag, in your hand, in your sink, it is everywhere! The shaker is an essential element of any good training. It allows you to consume different protein or vitamin mixes to help you progress during your sports sessions. You use it so many times that it is important to know how to maintain it. Discover in this article, how to pamper your shaker!


If you're asking yourself this question, you've never forgotten your shaker in your gym bag. If so, know that you haven't missed anything except a stinky protein smell that will haunt your most protein-filled dreams! It is important to note that once your shaker has become impregnated with this bad smell, it is complicated to get it out even by scrubbing with bleach. The only solution left is... there is no solution. You must throw away your shaker so you can buy a new one! HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR FAVORITE SHAKER? No need to panic! There are different little tips that QNT decided to deliver you some of them in order to reduce the damage before it becomes irreversible.

a) Wash your shaker after each use

This sounds stupid and obvious but it's worth remembering since it's THE solution to avoid condemning your shaker to perpetuity. Once you've mixed your protein in your shaker, rinse it out immediately wherever you are. All gyms have restrooms, so there's no big deal. If you are on the street, bring a small bottle of water that you have filled beforehand. The rest of your workout water bottle can also be used as a diluent. Pour the water and protein mixture into a swallow. (You can find them everywhere on the street) Once you get home, it's time to soap your shaker with a sponge. Let the foamy water sit for about ten minutes and then dry your shaker with a small towel. Ta da! Your shaker is as good as new!

b) Go for glass or clear shakers

Plastic is a material that has a more unfortunate tendency to retain odors given its physical and chemical properties. Its counterpart, glass, weighs more but does not retain odors as easily. In addition, the transparency of a shaker is paramount given that it will make it easier for you to spot any nasty streaks or small protein remnants that have gotten stuck.

c) Aerate your shaker

Don't catch the bad habit of putting the lid back on your shaker if you're not using it. Like a bedroom, the more the shaker is exposed to the air, the more odors are released into the atmosphere.

d) White vinegar and baking soda are your new wild cards

If, despite all these tips, your shaker doesn't want to smell right, give it a whirl with white vinegar or baking soda and water. Both of these compounds are often used as a natural remedy for any type of everyday stain. After giving your shaker a good scrub and letting it sit quietly, rinse it off and enjoy your shaker again.

To conclude In two words: discipline. No secrets this time! You should try to create an automatism after each use by cleaning your shaker as soon as possible to avoid any smell impregnation.

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